46th Parallel Planters Host Basket Weaving Class

A large contingent of the 46th Parallel Planters Gardening Club gathered Thursday evening to hear Linda "Cricket" Detloff discuss the art of basket weaving.

Cricket displays some of the wonderful woven baskets she has woven.


The spectators came to learn basic basket weaving techniques taught by Cricket.

The audience all had hands on experience , each making their own Garlic Basket. No, a garlic basket isn't made from weaving garlic, but rather a reed basket made to store garlic.
It was quite an evening and a lot of fun. What appeared to be a simple endeavor, a small simple basket actually turned into a challenging project, having everyone wanting an additional pair of hands.

By the end of the session everyone had met the challenge and went home with their own unique, homemade basket.

Interestingly, not any two baskets appeared the same even though everyone used the same technique and model for the project






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