Hurley Students Plant Flowers at Monuments

Once again in what has become an annual tradition, students from the Hurley K-12 School went to Montreal to plant flowers in memory of Montreal's fallen heroes. The group of students split up into four groups and planted flowers along the highway.

Lynn Adams discusses the day's projects with Range Master Gardeners

Students arrive by bus from the Hurley School

Picture above: Ron Zaleski a Veteran of the Viet Nam War addresses students in from of the War Memorial. The address is usually given by the town's mayor who could not attend this year's ceremony.  Mr. Zaleski gave a terrific and pointed speech which impressed the students very much.
(L to R) StudentsCody Ratkowski, Cole Koski, and Austin Ahora, decide how this year's garden design will look. The students were allowed to choose the design on their own.
Master Gardener on hand for planting instructions
Master Gardener Lynn Adams stops buy to check on progress and Kodak moment
Master Gardener Diane Fontecchio and group of students start things off at the Miner's Monument

Master Gardeners Pat Severin and Marlene Zaleski instruct another group of students on planting.

Master Gardener Ron Zeleski starts another group of students on a garden planting. Boys take time out to Hi Fi passing trucks

Now down to the serious stuff. How deep did you say these go?

Pat, Marlene and the girls very quickly make some serious headway

Cole, Cory and Austin are not to be denied. Their large garden is well underway and looking good!


Diane and the girls have the largest project, but they're doing great.

Looks like this group is just about finished with their Marigolds

Wow! with all those HiFi's the boys have already finished planting their Petunias.

Everyone heads back to the MIning Monument to clean up and take some group photos

Great Job kids and thanks from your community