The Ontonagon Flower
Committee Gets Busy

Ima Lerner Reporting

Early Saturday morning, May 30th, Betty Porter and Sheila Razmus gathered their volunteers to plant flowers into the urns which are placed up and down main street of Ontonagon. After coming up with a color scheme, Sheila and Betty had the task of purchasing the flowers and delivering them to the Ontonagon Village garage. They also needed mulch, soil and fertilizer. After the urns were filled with soil the planting began. The volunteers for this project were Linda Graham and Arvo Toolanen. After the urns, came the planting of annuals in the garden by the Holiday Gas Station.
The weather did not cooperate as it became rather cool with winds from the north-west. Volunteers at the garden included Arvo Toolanen, Sheila Razmus, Linda Graham, Betty and Bill Porter, and Carol Harry.  Betty and Sheila met several times prior to planting the garden to come up with ideas for a color scheme and what plants will work for the best show of color for the summer season. There is always work to be done on the flowers downtown. Volunteers are welcome......just contact Betty or Sheila.

When you walk by the flower garden or rest in the park area, please help keep it clean. Trash cans are provided for any litter. Try to leave the park and garden the way it should be.....litter free. Also when walking your dog, please carry a plastic bag with you to pick up the poop.