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Student Talent Showcased
in Walker Show

by Dennis Walikainen, senior editor
Photos by IronwoodInfo

Houghton - April 27, 2009

Students' paintings, sculptures, mixed media and new media creations took center stage this week at McArdle Theatre, which played host to the Walker Art and Design Show. The variety was incredible, as was the level of talent on display.

Lisa Tincknell described her beautiful ink and paint creations as extensions of "doodling" she had done since she was a child.

Jessica Sherman had elaborate ceramics, including an "Octolamp" and a colorful flowerpot, complete with flowers.

Rachel Griffin called her painting of flowers "girly and bright" and hopes to use her Visual and Performing Arts minor to aid in a future marketing career.

Students also took creative turns on the color spectrum, and Kris Bartell turned his Frisbee into a color wheel, while Heather Peterson used chocolate chip cookies to explore the spectrum.

The costumes and props of the theater productions were also on display. The design and engineering behind the incredible lizard from the play "Seascape" was described by costume designer Corinne Gilbert and "tail engineer" Michael McKellar.
Gilbert's unique hand-operated raven from "The Robber Bridegroom" was also on display: creepy in a good way.

Vivian Huotari explored some beautiful nature scenes in watercolor, including a cabin on a lake that could be found on any UP lake.

above - "The Cabin"  Water Color by Vivian Huotari

Finally, Brooke Sirard and Tamaki Komatsuzaki "altered" books: Sirard chose to bejewel a book in red, white and gold, while Komatsuzaki turned a magazine into a 3-D flower.

As evidenced by the work presented, the students have worked hard this semester to bring art to life on campus and to brighten up a somewhat grey and dull spring.
"Afghan/Chair"  Pencil Drawing by  Clyde Mikkola
"Wetland Reflections" Water Color by Stacy Cotey
"Old Mountain" Pencil Drawing by Erin Makela
"My Life Mosaic" an Adobe Photoshop by James Wozniak
unidentified ceramics
"Simple Tradgedy" by Caitlyn Pierce
"Anticipation" Torn Paper by  Jamie Dufner
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