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Hurley - June 21, 2009

We're extremely lucky to have a local band like LSB, loaded with so much talent. The LSB would be a standout band wherever they were domiciled.

LSB is a solid group from the percussion section to brass section.

The terrific Brass Section gives the LSB the added instrumentation to perform Chicago's songs, such as "Saturday in the Park". Dan Pitrone is the trumpet player and musical arranger for the group. Dan does all the charts for the band. Since 1976, Dan has been a director, arranger, composer, and solo­ist for the regional favorite Marty's Goldenaires Drum and Bugle Corp. Also playing trumpet is Steve Boyd. Steve is no stranger to Ironwood having been the music director at LLW for many years. Steve also plays with several bands locally. The third talented member of the brass section is Trombonist, Rob Ahnen provides the lower range lines for the great brass section.

Ron Niemi is the extremely talented lead vocalist for the LSB. Ron always has the audiences up and dancing and Saturday's performance was no exception. Ron, an Ironwood native, also plays acoustic guitar and percussion.

Matt Clausen, vocalist and bass guitarist for the group. Matt also doubles on keyboard. Bill Hamlin, beefs up the rhythm with his guitar. Keith Cannon is the groups exciting lead guitarist, he has been playing the guitar for over twenty years.

Kevin Maki is the keyboard player for the group and he has been involved in music for 40 years. Kevin is a great vocalist in addition to his keyboard skills. It's hard to believe, but Kevin gets to sing and play on on stage with his high school band teacher, Dan Pitrone.

How can a rock group be a standout without a great drummer. Providing the glue for the group is Ken Stasiak, the great LSB drummer. Ken also serves as the groups M.C.



California Dreamin'


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Saturday in the Park


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