LSB Takes Home the Gold at Bay Days!


Ashland - July 19, 2009

They came, they sang, they conquered.

Yesterday afternoon, Heartland Music, held a Bay Days event, "Battle of the Band . It was truly a great staging of bands from Houghton to Ashland. A genre' for everyone. It's now10 hours after the concert and my ears are still ringing from loud, loud, performances. Loud enough to satisfy the most demanding concert goers, including myself. The event ended just moments before mid-night and in the end, Ironwood's Lowell Street Band would be crowd the favorite. Not only the favorite of the judges, but also the favorite of the huge crowd that gathered both inside and outside the great tent. Other than musical ability, the groups would be judged on crowd appeal. Something that concerned a fan of an out of town group, the LSB. While all the entertainers brought a long their groupies, nothing would match the crowd appeal of the LSB. Nothing.

It took less than 5 minutes, one song, before it was evident, who would go home with prize. Within that time both the tent and the outside area became filled with thousands, yes thousands, of people who came from all over to hear "who was that playing?"

That was the question I was asked several times as I roamed through the crowd with my camera, looking very official. One fellow asked who are they? I said LSB. He replied, "very Impressive!"

Yes, impressive fits well, but sensational fits better. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, we're very, very, lucky to have a group as talented as the Lowell street Band, to call our own.

Carloads, of loyal fans came to Ashland to cheer for the great group, and I was one of them. I'm happy that I went and happier yet for their well deserved success.


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