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"All Good Things Must Come to an End"

Ironwood - August 28, 2009

This past Tuesday the Gogebic Range Concert Band played it's final concert of the summer band series. It's been a rewarding experience listening to this band and its talented band members. Watching and listening to the band in Longyear Park is like reliving Rockwell's version of Americana. Where else can you bring a lawn chair to the park and enjoy such much entertainment. Longyear is the perfect venue for the GRCB and the GRCB is the perfect entertainment for Longyear.

Tuesday's concert began with a Souza March "Fairest of the Fair, followed by: Graf Zeppelin, a WWII German March, Comedian's Gallop and Mancinni's Majic. The band then played a song that we've not heard this summer, "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" This song wwas a real crowd pleaser. There was a good turnout for this performance.. The band then went on to play: "Salute to the Big Bands", the "Post of Freedom March", which was followed by a Myron Ray solo "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". The band closed out the season playing:  "T.D.'s Boogie Woogie", "In the Mood", "It Don't Mean a Thing", " A Closer Walk With Thee" (watch video), "That's A Plenty", "Beer Barrel Polka". As is the custum, the GRCB closed this concert playing "God Bless America"

As they say "All good things must come to end", and so it with Gogebic Range Concert Band's summer concert series. If only the summer could be longer, we could then enjoy even more of the great sound of the Gogebic Range Concert Band.

Our thanks to band director, Larry Gabka , and all the members of this wonderful community band!

Slideshow - 2009 GRCB Finale

The Members of the Gogebic Range Concert Band

Conductor: Larry Gabka

Lea Ann Schroeter
Sue Roberts
Cindy Simmons
Denise Engel

Sue Konty
Pam Davenport

Bill Teal
Megan Gabka

Tenor Saxophone:
Rod Ritter

Bass Clarinet:
Gina Kretschmar
Janelle Engel

Clarence Jacobs
Andy Brabant

Sue Trull
Jon Eggleston

Pat McCullough
Robert Davenport

French horn:
Jacqueline Lutey
 Melinda McCullough

 Myron Re
 Ron Sell
Dale Kangas
Lynn Jackson
Pat Kapugia
Madeline Gabka

Phil Cormier
Jean Wiita
Ashley Bedell