2008 - Trout Creek Photo Exhibit

Trout Creek - October 11, 2008

The Trout Creek Library held  it's third Photography Exhibit, at  Trinity Lutheran Church on Saturday. This year's event  was exceptional. with around 30 exhibitors. and over 40 photos.

The photo exhibit included photographers of varied skill levels. Entries  from novice to professional photographers provided visitors with  a variety of images.  Photographs on exhibit included both color and black and white.  Photographers also exhibited both digital and film photography.

There was no admission charge to view the show nor was there an entry fee for photographers.  As show promoters put it  " This is a labor of love rather than a money making venture."  Photographers were permitted to place their work on sale at the exhibit.

The show organizers were Janet Dellaria , June Kotila Treptoe , and Dale Schmeisser



above - Photographer J.P. Suchowski gave  a terrific seminar entitled "Free Your Soul" "the relationship between
f-stop and shutter speed!  How to wean yourself off your camera's  automatic mode. 

above - left "Perseverance" - right "Ducks at Bond"  - Photographer Sue Oinas

above "Prince Charming"  - Photographer Sue Oinas

above - left - "Early Morning Dew" - right -  "Alberta Pond"      -  Photographer Ann Gregor - 

above two photos were by show organizer Janet M. Dellaria

above - "Hummingbird on Honeysuckle"  -  Photographer Donna Spradlin

above - "Fiery Sunset"  -   Photographer Donna Spradlin

above "Pine Grossbeak"   Photographer Donna Spradlin


above - (left) "The Happy Couple" (center) "The Little Ham" (right) "Petals in Flight" - Photographer Janet Salety

above (left) Liliukalani Gardens"   (center) "Orchid"   (right) "Steam Vent"  
 Photographer Judy Bruno

above two un-named photos by Photographer Ralph Manning

above untitled photo by Photographer Ralph Manning

above "Murano Glass Vases - Venice" by Photographer Lynn Grayson


 above - untitled three photos by Photographer Mike Neylon

above (left) "Crying Tree"  (right) "Green Amethyst"   by Photographer Marianne Brady 

(left) Borego Springs Ca. Swimming Pool    (right)  Fjord in Mntenegro by photographer Edwina Shell-Johnson

above "Storm Passing" by Photographer Edwina Shell-Johnson

above three un-named photos by Photographer Mary K. Shegan

above "Come Blow Your Horn" , below "Walden Pond  at Twilight" by Photographer Joy Ibsen

above three photos (top) "Young Women" (middle) "Tribe Elder"
(bottom) "Young Masai Warriors"
by Photographer Ken Thompson

above "Covered Road" by Photographer Janet Dellaria

above (left)   "Les Femmes Ephemeres"  (right untitled ) by Photographer J.P. Suchoski

above untitled photo by Photographer J.P.Suchoski

above (left) "Silhouette" (right) "Spike" by  Photographer Lucy Ricks McDonald


above two untitled photos by Photographer Maryanne Lemke

above (left) "Lake Superior Porcupine Mtns."  (middle) "Garden Bunny" 
(Right) "Rockland Church"    by Photographer Geraldine Nielson

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