About IronwoodInfo

IronwoodInfo.com first started publishing in October 2007. The website continues to stay true to its original mission. That being to provide local and regional news at no cost to the public. Since its inception, IronwoodInfo has grown to include four Upper Peninsula counties, Gogebic, Ontonagon, Baraga and Houghton. Coverage for Iron County Wisconsin has grown throughout our existence.

While the site originally focused on politics it now is equally focused on educational news and community events. IronwoodInfo provides the most complete coverage of the area's community events and will continue to expand this portion of its coverage.

Ironwoodinfo.com is wholly owned by Ironwoodinfo, Inc., a non-profit Michigan media corporation.

Contacting IronwoodInfo.com

By Snail Mail: P.O. Box 305 Ironwood, MI 49938

IronwoodInfo is located at 360 East Tamarack Street, Ironwood Michigan

Gogebic/Iron Counties Contact: Louis Bonagura, Editor  906-364-3406

Ontonagon County Contact: Linda Graham, Ontonagon Editor/reporter

Baraga/Houghton Counties Contact Editor/Arvo Toolanen, reporter 906-885-5683

Email: contact@IronwoodInfo.com   or  ironwoodinfo@gmail.com