Hoop N Holler Holds
8th Annual Cardboard Boat Race

Merriweather - July 7, 2009

The eighth annual cardboard boat races were held Sunday at the Hoop N Hollar in Merriweather. The weather was great, sunny skies and temps approaching 80 degrees. As usual the food was also terrific. The Hoop serves up Hamburgers, Sandwiches, soup and more. The tavern also features mixed drinks and beer on tap.

The large crowd that attended the boat races was in the boating mood. Many of whom came to the Hoop via their boat and rafted by the dock.

Boat races or no boat races the Hoop N Holler is a great place to go to enjoy an afternoon, either by boat or by car. The waterfront atmosphere tends to relax an over-taxed body.

This year there were four race classes  1) 12 and under  2) 13 - 18 years of age   3) 19-39 years of age   4)  40 and over.

Each class sailed a different race course. Because of their ages class 1 and class 4 had very simple straight courses to follow. However the other two classes had much more complicated courses to navigate.  Neither nor a computer could help. Not that you would find one on a boat made of cardboard. Which brings a question to mind. Are these crafts made of cardboard, upon which rolls and rolls of duct tape have be applied, or are the truly duct tape boats with some cardboard to cling to?  That is a trade secret just as the design secret of the "S.S. Root Cellar" the craft that won three of Sunday's four races.

Winner of Race No. One was Kevin Callahan
Taylor won race number 2 in the SS Root Cellar
 Rick Sherman also in the SS Root Cellar won the 3rd race. Rick also won this event last year.
John Butina sailed to victory in the fourth and final race
above Jesse B. from Storm 99.7,  was broadcasting live from the Hoop Sunday. On the right of the picture is Carolyn Maves who produced the Sunday races. Great job Carolyn!


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