Festival Ironwood Kicks Into High Gear!

Ironwood - July 17, 2009

Festival Ironwood went into full swing tonight with the opening ceremonies taking place at 4:00 PM. Members of American Legion Post Auxiliary #5 provided the Honor Guard at the flag raising.

Members of Post 5 and other community groups got an early start in preparing the food and beverages for the evenings patrons. There was a "Turkey Feed" a delicious deep fried turkey feed also conducted by "The Friends of Festival Ironwood".

"The Friends of Festival Ironwood" also sponsored the free Polka Dance with  Richie Yankovich and Polkarioty playing Ironwood's favorite music genre'.

The big duck pond immediately attracted the kids hoping to win one of the great prizes available.

At 8:00 pm the teen dace with DJ Music by Magnum took place. This event was also free compliments of McKevitt, Patrick Funeral Home.


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