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Hope Animal Shelter Celebrates
Community Appreciation Day

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Ironwood - June 14, 2009

The Hope Animal Shelter held an open house today as part of a Community Appreciation Day. The shelter was of course opened to the public for their perusal.

There were vendors offering many pet products and more. The local radio station, WIMI, was on hand broadcasting from the facility. Free Brats were available for the asking.

Entering the facilities you get to view the grooming and social areas within the shelter. But best of all you get to meet and greet the many animals waiting to adopt you. Make no doubt about they know who needs and wants them. If your a person looking for a loving companion then HOPE is the place for you. You can count on a loving dog or cat to come over to you and say "Let me take you home", pet owners and pet lovers all know that's the way it really goes down.

Right now, the HOPE shelter has some very beautiful Dogs and Cats needing adoption. It would be hard to image not finding the right pet at HOPE. You can check on line at Better yet just go visit the facility in the Industrial Park and bring home a lifelong friend.

Photo above - Mary Jo Cain points out  kittens she has brought back to HOPE. Not that she didn't want them, she has reared them until they were old enough to put up for adoption. Mrs. Cain is a foster caregiver for the HOPE shelter. We believe that you too could be a foster parent for a deserving cat or dog. Call hope and volunteer!  is a Michigan, Non-Profit Media Corporation


snail mail: P.O. Box 305 Ironwood, MI 49938