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Fun 'N' Frolic @ Washington School

Bessemer - November 2, 2009

It was Halloween Evening in Bessemer and kids in costumes could e seen trick or treating from house to house. However, the real action for the little children was occurring in the Gymnasium at the Washington School.

The gymnasium at the Washington School was filled with games and amusements for all to enjoy. Little children were busy bowling, throwing bean bags and other usual games. There were a few things that you might not normall seen for the wee folk including a wheel of chance, a crk gun shooting gallery and a muscleman hammer and gong.

There were older kids at the gym also, some passing through and others in costume as volunteers for the evening program.

The kids certainly had a great night and it seemed as if playing the games was a more than satisfactory substitute for door to trick or treating. Moms and dads seem to be enjoying the festivities as much as their children.

Can you guess who the characters pictured above are intended to be?

Hint:  Dorothy knows.