Hurley Musicians Wow
Standing Room Only Audience

Hurley - December 16, 2009

The Hurley School auditorium was filled to capacity Monday evening as family and friends of the school's young and talented musicians presented their annual Christmas Band Concert.

Members of the fifth, sixth, Jr. High and Senior High school bands entertained the standing room only crowd with the joyous sounds of holiday songs. The student musicians were directed by Dan Mykkanen, Music Director.

Mr. Mykkanen's music and teaching skills were imediately evident when the fifth graders came on stage to perform. The group has only been playing together since September, and yet they played their concert exceptionally well. The other bands also performed extremely well.

We saw many of these talented musicians last spring when they performed at Luther L Wright for the regional solo and ensemble competition.

Monday evening the fifth graders played "Good King Wenceslas" a traditional English Carol,
"Jolly Old St. Nicholas" a traditional American carol, and "Jingle, Jolly Christmas"

The Sixth Grade Band played "Up On the Housetop", "A Christmas Sleigh Ride", "Deck the Halls", and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" The band did an exceptionally good job palying the last song.

The Junior High School Band played "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!", "Silent Night", and "Trombones on the Housetop" which featured the bands three trombonists: Jordan Smoczyk, Brittany Czarnecki, and Danielle Irons. A number especially enjoyable to me. The JHS Band concluded their teriffic performance with  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  A super arrangement well suited for young musicians.

The Senior High Band took the stage and showed off their talent while performing "The Many Sounds of Christmas", "Celebration", and "Baby, It's Cold Outside" an outstanding performance which featured Soloists: Kayla Williams" Katie Gerovac. Kristina Williams,
Kyla Malaga, Kris Kluhsman, Matt Brandis and Justin Smith. The band then played "A Jammin' Caribbean Christrnas" a great song, which begs the question "why are caribbean Christmas songs so Christmasie?" The Senior band then concluded their performance and the Christmas concert performing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" which featured a wonderful duet by vocalists Seanna Whalen and Tara Kasper.





Fifth Grade Band Performance


Sixth Grade Band


The Junior High School band


The Senior High Band


Hurley School Musicians

Fifth Grade Band

Emily Hendricks
Gianna Morello
Alexandra Olsott
Aricka Pertile
Allyson Huff
Itylie Ludtke
Alexis Munn

Mitchell Hissa
Tom Lardinois
Dale Ofstad

Jacob Backlund
Tandrell Foster
Lindsey Saari

Alto SaxoPhone
Kris Bluse
Matthew Hamlin
Bailey Sivula
Gabrielle Vorderburg
Dante Bender
Kyle Osterman
Tanner Stephani
Colt Tijan

Alexander Czarnecki
Ryley Eitrem

Luke Marczak
Jack Strand

Sixth Grade Band

Amber Allen
Julee Jackson
Maria Swartz

Victoria Hines
Ashley Smith
Maria Trcka
Vianea Dieppa
Hanna Huotari
Tim Roberson
Emily Strand

Alto Saxophone
Tianne Kuula
Daryn Eitrem
Jacob Leinon

Tenor Saxophone
Triston Gibson

Cody Ratkowski

Reggie KellY
Veronika Nelson

Mercedes Anderson
Jacob Saari
Aaron Livingstort

Junior High Band

Morgan Leinon - 8
Senja Nasi - 8
Mikayla Sobrack - 8

Rachel Fedora - 7

Shayna Pertile - 8
Kayla Subert - 8
Mindy Williams - 8
Felicia Herlevi- 7
Marja Luoma - 7
Gabby Pecotte - 7
Kirky Pecotte - 7
Delaina Pierce - 7

Bass Clarinet
Abbi Lundgren - 8
Morgan Pinardi - 7

Alto SaxoPhone
Jaclyn Hissa - 8
Roman Lupino - 8
Jeff Franzoi - 7
Adam Hendricks - 7
Noah Huotari - 7
Natalie Moon - 7
Amanda Scheels - 7

Tenor SaxoPhone
Mark Saari - 8
Michaela Sieker - 8
Rebecca Ratkowski - 7

Lisa Howser - 8
Cody Starkey - 8
Dakota Rice - 7

Jordan Smoczyk - 8
Brittany Czarnecki - 7
Danielle Irons - 7

Wayne Allen - B
Sarah Carroll - B
Rebekah Harrington - 8
Susan Walesewicz - 7
Dustin Kokely - 7

Senior High Band

Kris Kluhsman -12
Alissa Kutz-ll
Adrienne Fedora - 9

Katie Gerovac - 12
Jodi Flines - l2
Kayla Williams - l2
Tory Rayrnond-il
Holly Kluhsrnan - l0
Liz Mathias - l0
Alissa Smoczyk - l0
Maya Strand - l0
Katic Pucilowski - l0
Jasmine Stenroos - 9

Alto Saxophone
Kristina Williams - l2
Seanna Whalen-ll
Mason Eitrern - l0
Tara Kasper - I0
John Walesewicz - l0
Hanna Klemann - l0
Selena Olson - 10
Taylor Jo Kasieta -9
Kaitlyn Olson - 9
Savana Swanson - 9

Tenor Saxophone
Matt Blodgett - 10

Baritone Saxophone
Jack Tamble -10

Nathan Carlisle- ll
Zach Livingston- ll
Kayla Stenroos - l0
Anna Olson - 9

Jesse Vokolek- II

John Carli - L2
Kyla Malaga - 12

Tuba/Bass Guitar
Matt Brandis - i2

Justin Smith - l2
Jeanna Aijala- 1l
Erika Hamlin - l0