Bessemer Offensive on Blight Continues

Bessemer - December 22, 2009

The Bessemer City Council approved the addition of two individuals to the Downtown Development Authority. The board after much discussion approved Chris Vittone and Dan Wikberg to the authority. Much of the discussion relative to the appointments pertained to the requirement in the city ordinances, that one member of the board must reside in the district and one member must be a business owner in the district. Council Matonich stated that he believes that the resident requirement was withdrawn sometime in the past. Since no one could state if when that had in fact occurred the commissioners voted on the basis that the requirement was still in effect. The city commission will consider the expansion of the D.D.A. to eleven members from the current nine members.

The City Manager and the City Attorney gave updates on the blighted properties that the city is pursuing. The owners of two properties, one on Hermatite and one on State street have agreed to the $500 purchase offer by the city. The demolition of those properties can now move forward.

The City Manager, Tom Chatel brought two new buildings before the commission for Condemnation Resolutions. The first building was located at 1702 Porter Street amd the second residence was located at 209 West Lead Street.

The city’s building inspector, Donal Saari, testified that the buildings were unfit for occupancy and as to the general poor condition of the buildings.

The Porter Street property is owned by Kem and Hunterland Carr, who reside in Manson Washington. The West Lead building is owned by Jody L. Newberry who resides in Medford, Wisconsin.

The condemnation resolution were approved unanimously by the commissioners.

The City council met as a Board of Review immediately following the General meeting.