When Is A Silent Sport
Not A
Silent Sport?

Ironwood - December 23, 2009

Sometimes you think you’ve seen it all. Well here’s one for the books. City Councilman, Gemma Lamb, has ordered snowmobiles off the trail system that will be used for the Sisufest. Recently it was discovered that someone has cut the fences on city property to access that trail.

The perpetrator or perpetrators did so to gain access to groom the trail. What do you suppose these non-motorized sports people are using to groom and pack down the trails? You got it, they're using snowmobiles!

A new gate system now stands where the fence system was destroyed.

Unfortunately, the damaged trees were not replaced!

This should not really be a surprise this past summer the "silent ones" went onto the trail with a gasoline weedwacker that appeared to be the size of a Mack Truck.

We suppose that silent is a relative term, used by the self-serving!