Local Gardeners Hit the Road

Ironwood, August 14, 2008

Members and guests of the 46th Parralel Planters Garden Club hit the road Thursday on a tour of local Farms. The first stop of the evening was at the Saxon Farm of Jeff Soltesz and Leslie Kolesar Soltesz. The vegetable and fruit garden is totally organic and has been certified as such. Leslie uses absolutely no commercial fertilizers, no pesticides and no herbicides resulting in a garden that produces an abundance of safe to eat food.
photo above - Leslie Kolesar Soltesz, introduces her "Organic Farm" to the members of the 46th Parallel Planters
Gardeners viewing the amazing results of a totally organic garden. Leslie uses manure as her method of fertilization.  No chemicals allowed!
View of vegetables verifies that food grown with organic manure can be as productive as one that uses fertilizers with a chemical mix, best suited for an afternoon cocktail for Frankenstien's monster!
photo above: baseball size tomatoes in abundance !  Aluminum Sulfate users "Eat Your Heart Out!"
above Leslie describes what crops she planted this year and how she maintains her farm without the use of dangerous chemicals.

above: the corn is as high as an elephant's eye..... can you finish that verse?

The Soltesz farm gets its energy from the new windmill shown above. The turbine produces 2 1/2 times the needs of the residence. The excess electricity produced is sold back to the electric company. The 300 acre farm also produces all the fire wood needed for the family.

Oh yes, one more thing. Behind every successful gardener there's a garden dog.

After a tour of the gardens and orchards the group said thanks and started the journey to Joe and Pat Cattelino's "Jopac" Farm on U.S. 2. There another garden tour took place after a tour of Pat's Great canning kitchen.

above: Pat Cattelino in the canning kitchen she designed and built using the state's standards.
The gardener's toured Pat's Great canning kitchen. The jams and jellies are canned in a building away from the house. Pat's kitchen was built to the standards set by the State of Wisconsin and was constructed after Joe sold their herd of cows and retired from a long career in Dairy Farming. Should you stop at the farm stand you will find a large variety of great products for sale.

Joe also grows gargantuan size vegetables like this cabbage shown above

above 46th Gardeners explore Joe's garden

Oh yes, one more thing. Behind every successful gardener there's a garden cat.

After the farm tours the garden group hit the road again and headed back to Kimball where there was a very nice reception at the home of Range Master Gardeners Vic Calore and Zonza Wick.
Vic and Zona have a terrific garden that they describe as a work in progress. Looks great already!

above: part of Vic and Zona's beautiful gardens.

above: gardeners discuss the evening events at  the groups reception at the home of  Vic Calore and Zonza Wick.   Great Job Vic and Zona!
Over thirty gardeners participated in the tour.