Linda Does it Again!


Members of the 46th Parallel Planters and guests were treated to a fall floral arrangement demonstration this past Thursday. Linda Schlicher, proprietor of Lutey's Florist Shop on Ayer street returned to gardening club once again to demonstrate the fundamentals of floral design. This time Linda demonstrated how to make two different fall arrangements.

Linda used mostly items found in her yard or along the roadways.  Only a few items for these arrangements needed to be purchased.  Yes Linda is a pro and everything she touches turns out great, however, Linda is also a great instructor. The next  time Linda does a demo somewhere try not to miss it, for great shall be your reward in floral arranging!

above Linda begins with just a small basket and a floral oasis and a lot of concentration to which she will add seasonal flowers, fruits and foliage to come up with a fantastic floral piece.  Each attendee of the evening's meeting was eligible to win one of the completed floral arrangements.
The finished piece would look great in any home, but this one is going home with Carol Canon.
Linda begins making a cornucopia. The resulting arrangement would surely look good on your dining room table..
But the one shown below will go home with Pat Severin a member of the 46er's educational committee. Pat was responsible for the evening's program  is a Michigan, Non-Profit Media Corporation


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