Kalevan Naiset Midwest District Meeting

(Linda Graham reporting)

On Saturday, September 27, 2008, the Midwest District of the Ladies of Kaleva met in Esko, Minnesota at the Thompson Township Building. The Vainottaren Tupa hosted this event and six Tupas were represented at the meeting. Vivian Williams took over as Matron and presided over the meeting. A report was presented from each Tupa to update everyone on the past year's activities. A "Suomen Koulu" has been started that will last for six weeks and meets every other week in Virginia, MN. In Cloquet, the Kaleva Ladies bring baked goods to the nursing home and this activity is well-received by the residents.

Activities of the Third Degree Tupas was discussed. One Tupa holds an auction in December. Most Third Degree Tupas meet two or three times a year.

OLD BUSINESS: The minutes of last year's Midwest District's meeting submitted by Helen Mallosh were read. The Treasurer's report showed that we are in better shape this year.

A clarification for the procedure for the cards for Memorial/Celebration Contributions was next. A person donating money to a specific fund in someone's memory or celebration can send a card to the recipient, but give the money to the Treasurer who will send the money to the requested fund.

Also discussed was the Kalevan Naiset pins....what happens to the pins after a member dies. Many family members just throw them away, give them away or sell them. Some members have asked to have them included with the deceased in the coffin. With cremation becoming more popular, the pins can be burned with the member. Pins can also be returned to the Ladies of Kaleva organization.

NEW BUSINESS: Two proposals passed at the National Convention held in Farmington Hills, Michigan in July of this year. One specific one was the Third Degree Ritual being allowed at the Tupa if they have enough Third Degree Members and if they can borrow the costumes.

A site for the 2010 National Convention to be held in Duluth has not been confirmed so no date has been set. A search committee has been working on a location.

The History Project is on-going and Elaine Ahlgren had some items dating back from 1938 to include in the Archives.

The next Midwest District meeting for the Ladies of Kaleva will be held in Duluth in September, 2009.

After a delicious lunch, the group enjoyed a program with entertainment by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cloquet's Bell Choir, Ladies of Kaleva members Kantele players, and a recitation by Karina Kiviluoma.

Kiitos: Linda (Toolanen) Graham, 436 Michigan Avenue, Ontonagon, Michigan 49953
Nuori Emanta, Ainon Tupa #13, Kalevan Naiset


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