Hei Hei  Carl !

Covington - Sunday  October 19th 2008
Finland Calling came calling at Covington this past Sunday when Carl Pellonpaa hosted a Suomi Kutsuu  Dance sponsored by the Covington,  parks and recreation department.  Finlanders and their friends came to dance all afternoon to the music of the Polka Drifters a really great band! The Polka Drifters played a wide variety of music including Country,  swing waltzes and of course Polkas!  Ron Masters does a great job as the band's singer.  Often band singers just get the job done, but Ron does a great job  as does the rest of band.
There was an abundance of awesome refreshments and there was also a bake sale to tempt you off your diet.

Carl and his wife Doris

above left to right, accordionist Ron Kallio, drummer Chuck Peterson, Carl Pellonpaa, Guitarist and singer Ron Masters and on bass Fran Gariepy

Carl gave out lots of door prizes to members in the audience. There was also a 50/50 raffle.

almost non-stop music provided several hours of dancing

above Ironwood area is well represented at this dance

above band plays happy birthday for those with birthday's in October

above Linda Graham,  host of "Laulun Voimaa" and Ontonagon bureau chief for IronwoodInfo.com

above left - Kari and Liisa Salmivaara visitors from Kuusemo, Finland



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