IASD Selects Newest Member

February 17,  2009

The Ironwood Area School Board held its regular February meeting last. The board wasted no time in appointing a new member to their ranks. The board unanimously appointed  Doug Palmeter  to fill the vacant position created by Linda Dean's resignation.  Palmeter was a difficult choice for the board. He was the only choice. Given the profile and history of the current board it should come as no surprise that no one else offered to enter the arena.

above - Doug Palmeter takes the oath of office. Doug and his family moved to Ironwood Township from Niles Michigan 12yrs ago. Palmeter s is an employee at the Ironwood Plastics factory which is located in the Ironwood Industrial Park.
above - ROTC member Liz Perkis introduces the ROTC members  came  to the meeting last night  to enlighten the board on they're ROTC experiences. 
ROTC Members  address the board.
above -  Jan Massie  from  the GOISD provided a presentation to Ironwood Board pertaining to a literacy program designed to improve the reading skills of K-6 students. The program has been in existence in the Watersmeet School District for several years. That program will serve as the model for the schools that enter into the program.

The Board postponed making a decision on entering the program.


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