Wakefield Board
Commitment  To Technology

Wakefield - February 18, 2009
Wakefield Marinesco Student Melissa Sawaski received a certificate   recognizing her achievement in a CAD class she is taking at GCC. Melissa, was named as the CD and Design Student of the Second Quarter.
Last night the board approved purchasing the SDS Software Module that would provide interaction between teachers and parents. This system is similar to "Power Book" used by other local system. However, W/M already has one module of SDS on their system and adding the new module  resulted in significant savings for the district compared to purchasing "Power Book" . According to Principal Nyman the system will cost less than half of the cost to purchase the "Power Book" programming.

With the new software,  parents will be able to access student assignments and grades.

Not too quick to waste precious general fund dollars the board had the proposed system thoroughly reviewed by the Wakefield-Marenisco staff.

The system has been looked at, poked at and probed by both the curriculum committee and the technology committee. Then checked over by all the teachers, who have been testing it this past few weeks.

Now with the board approval the system can be installed and tested in a live environment by the teaching staff. It is believed that the new program will be up and running for the fall semester. It may be possible for the teachers to test the system later this school year.

In addition to the software purchase the board agreed to purchasing new computer hardware including 17 new desk top computers and three laptops.  


Louann Ditmyer advised the board about the up coming up Music Pre-Festival on February  23rd and the Band's participation at the Music Festival at Houghton High on February 27. at 1:20 pm.
In sports, the Board approved the Co-Operative Football program with Bessemer. The Bessemer Board approved the pact at their January board meeting.  Members of the board expressed interest in expanding shared programs with Bessemer.

The Board also expressed it's congratulations to the 7th Grade Boys Basketball Team which claimed the Junior High School Boys PMC Championship.

The School Board viewed a presentation by Jean Massie which discussed the GOISD Literacy Program. The goal of the program is to establish a literacy intervention program that would closely monitor progress of students who are at risk of not achieving benchmark literacy goals.

The program was also presented to the Ironwood School Board Monday evening.

Both school boards postponed approval of the program..


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