Red Devils Defeat Cougars 230-210
Is Gwinn in Their Future?

The Ironwood Red Devils took on the North Central Cougars in a High School Bowl game televised this past Saturday night.  This show was a tape delayed match as are all H.S. Bowl Games

The Red Devils once again came dressed in costumes. They came dressed as the cast of Gilligan's Island, but this week it would be the Cougars who would wind up ship wrecked.

The Cougars  jumped out front of the Red Devils  60-50, but the Red Devils put the pedal to the metal and  took the lead by halftime. At the half Ironwood led Superior Central 160-100. Following the half, Ironwood stretched its lead to 100 points, leading 210-110. Then the Cougars clawed their way back, making what looked like a runaway into a fairly close game. Just before the final bell Ironwood led by 30 points. The Cougars would then score once more and when the game did finally end, it was Ironwood putting it away 230-210.

Ironwood has a winning streak against teams with "Central" in their name. Prior to this game the Red Devils defeated the North "Central" Jets 340-90. (pictured above)

Superior Central certainly wasn't a push-over team. Prior to this game  the Cougars defeated Negaunee 300-260 and Painesdale-Jeffers  360-60.

This week's Ironwood team , coached by Steve Boyd consisted of Andrea Klumpp, Cole Aukee, Emily Niemi and Team Captain Liz Perkis.

Ironwood moves on to the Quarterfinals when they will face off against Ishpeming who in their last match defeated their cross town rivals, Westwood.

Great Job Red Devils!

For those readers who were looking forward to an Ontonagon-Ironwood finale, they will have to wait until next year. Unfortunately,  Ontonagon was defeated by Marquette in a close match.

Other local teams Hurley, Bessemer, Ewen-Trout Creek and Wakefield-Marenisco have all been eliminated from the tournament. The only other G.O.I.S.D. team still alive is the Nimrod Team from Watersmeet. The Nimrods will be seen in their next match against Menominee on March 7th.

Ironwood vs. Gwinn ?

With Ontonagon out of the tournament,  Red Devil fans should hope for an Ironwood - Gwinn game. Why you say? Tom Ross, the coach of Modeltowners,is a former student  of Ironwood Coach Steve Boyd.

 Enough to hope for a match up?  Sure, but even more so is the fact that Gwinn keeps on looking  better and stronger as the season moves on.

The Modeltowners  have defeated three terrific teams so far this year. They opened the season up by defeating Rapid River 300-130. They then moved on to game two where they defeated  Kingsford 340-160. In their last match against a great and seasoned Hancock team Gwinn prevailed 420-90!

Amazing Simply Amazing!

Perhaps the most amazing game this year other than the nail biter between Watersmeet and Wakefield Marenisco came when a very young and inexperienced Chassell team fought the Perennial Powerhouse Houghton to a tie breaker! The Houghton Gremlins, last year's Champs, consisted of all seniors. The Chassell team as we stated is very young, consisting of (2) eighth graders, (1) sophomore and
(1) Junior.

The game ended in a 180-180 tie.  However, the Gremlins were quicker on the buzzer and scored the last 10 points. Final score was 190-180.

This match wasn't close because Houghton was off its game, it was close because Chassell has that great of a team, having earlier defeated Bark River 350-50 and Munising 430-70.

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