Wakefield-Marenisco Earns High Scores

Wakefield - March 17, 2009

The Wakefield School Board met in a regularly scheduled meeting last night. What turned out to be the topic du jour was the proposed hiring of a a part time reading coach. The positions considered part time due to the fact that the coach would be shared with another school district.

Apparently since the last board meeting the curriculum committee met to hear the presentation of the program by GOISD employee, Jean Massie. Ms. Massie gave the presentation last week to the full Wakefield Board and also to the Ironwood Board. After seeing the presentation the curriculum committee split 5-5 on approving the literacy program.

The Wakefield board heard from members of the audience who questioned the program from every direction possible. One teacher noted that the students in the third grade had just scored a 95% proficiency on the reading portion of the Michigan MEAP Test. Another teacher stated that the program is certainly needed in grades 4-6 but, not in K-3. She felt that students in K-3 already have significant support for reading studies as the MEAP results had confirmed

Ms. Massie pointed out that the program goes beyond just reading skills. It is an inclusive communication skills program which includes speech and writing.. You can read more on this program by clicking here. After a great deal of deliberation and exchanging of ideas the board voted unanimously to approve the program subject to conditions.

Ms. Nyman, the school principal (pictured below) reported to the board that the Computer and SDS programs are on go.

She advised the board that the school district had received an overall score of 95% on its MiBLSi School wide evaluation. W-M scored 100 on five sections of the evaluation.

Ms. Nyman announced the resignation of Louann Ditmyer the schools music teacher and band director. Also resigning was Peter Armichardy, the wood shop and driver's Ed teacher. The openings have already been posted within the school district. Ms.Nyman will now post the job openings outside the district.

With respect to the First Semester NovaNet results. Eight of twelve students passed. Of the four students that did not pass, three of students are no longer in the school district.

Ms. Nyman advised the board that she has contacted the I.A.S.D. In regard to doing a co-op ROTC program. The tentative fall schedule offers an opportunity to offer ROTC during the first or second periods.
Mrs. Trevarthen, the district's Business Manager presented the months finances to the board. Mrs Trevarthen advised the board that year-to-date that the food services program had been subsidized in the amount of $17,000 from the General Fund and that the athletic program had been similarly subsidized in the amount of $50,000.

The Athletic Director reported that Chelsi White, Rebeecah Orlich, Tyler Abrams and Andy Fetters were selected to the Porcupine Mountain All Conference Teams.

The District 127 Boys Basketball Tournament was a huge success. 1500 tickets were sold at $5.00 per ticket. While the state will receive the lions share of the proceeds the school will still net $1700 for the event
The District received many compliments from the teams on the good job the district did in hosting the tournament.

The Board was told that the Track season starts Monday March 16th for both Varsity and Jr. Varsity teams. The coaches will be Jim Engel and Jessica Sanderson. MHSAA has been contacted to check on the eligibility for 6th and 8th graders. The tentative schedule is out. Wakefield-Marenisco will host the Varsity PMC on Tuesday, May 12th. Volunteers are needed for the event.

The Volleyball program for grades 6 through 8 started yesterday, March 16th. Coaches, Makela and Sanderson along with the varsity girls volleyball team are helping out. In the near future the Jr. High players will compete against Watersmeet, Ewen-Trout Creek and Bessemer.

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