Singing Along With Skip

Wakefield - March 19, 2009

Students, faculty, administrators and friends gathered in the Wakefield Marenisco Gymnasium tonight, to hear the songs of Skip Jones. Skip brought his "Be a Hero Program" to the school this evening to everyone's delight. Skip brings his songs and message of respect to schools all over the mid-west. The Wisconsin native brings an anti-bullying message along with stories about getting along with others.

Aside from the message of the performance, the show is simply great. Skip sings folk and Americana songs that not only appeals to children, but to discriminating adult listeners alike.  You could spend fifty or more bucks on a show and not be entertained any better for it.  The only bad thing about this show is that it had to end.

Skip Jones has been working in schools across the midwest for over 25 years. He delivers his message of respect and tolerence through songs, stories and a little bit of grandfathers' wisdom in a variety of programs that are focused on respect, anti-bullying, the environment, diversity, culture, exploration, and of course music.
One of my strongest memories from childhood was the way families and neighbors would gather after supper in the backyard, parlor or on the front porch. Together we would sing and play the songs of the day. It always felt so good to sing and laugh
Skip tells that he saw his first TV set at a friends house. It fascinated him so he ran all the way home to his Grandmother's house. Excitedly, he told her of his great discovery and begged her, "Grandma, Grandma let's get a TV"

She said, "NO!!! I fear if you watch to much Television you will loose the ability to think for yourself, get a warped perspective of people and want things you don’t need and aren’t good for you. You might just turn into a vegetable. Better you spend your time singing and talking with real people. It's healthier for you"
I retorted, "Grandma that's silly, kids don't turn into vegetables!"

Skip now says "Well Grandma was right after all. Now fifty years later, I find our communities full of couch potatoes…a vegetable…Yes? "
Whether it's a children's performance at the local library, an afternoon at an elderly care center, a small evening performance at a coffee house, or a full community concert for the whole town, Skip shares his powerful message of respect, diversity, tolerance and understanding through songs, stories, and humor in a way that all people can enjoy and learn from.
Skip is truly a performer for all seasons! People of all ages and a variety of backgrounds and cultures enjoy Skip's performances. Everyone leaves with a sense of empowerment and the feeling they have been a part of something special.
Those attending the Skip Jones Show were treated to an evening of great music. We're very lucky to have had an opportunity to hear Skip's performance.
Prior to the performance Skip Jones compares notes with IronwoodInfo Editor. Skip and Lou grew up just ten miles from each other on Long Island. Today Skip makes his home in Bowler, WI. Visit his website
Preceding the Skip Jones Show, the W-M PTO threw a Dessert Social. They offered every kind of goodie imaginable. Great Job PTO!  is a Michigan, Non-Profit Media Corporation


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