Ewen-Trout Creek
4th Annual Variety Show

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Ewen-Trout Creek
4th Annual Variety Show

Ewen - May 18, 2009

The Ewen - Trout Creek School presented it's fourth annual variety show this past Friday. The show was a great success. Performances consisted of singing, musical, and dancing acts. There were also two skits performed in the show.

There was also a dance performance by Makenzie & Cameron Polkky which was self choreographed .

All the performers did a really terrific job on stage. There was only one glitch with a compact disk that temporarily stalled one act. But, the young troopers Breann Kugler & Madelyn Cronkright hung  in there until the audio was repaired. Unshaken by the glitch the girls tried several times before completing their song "Love Story". They did a great job.

One of the skits showcased a swami who told several students their fortunes, or to be more accurate "Their Misfortunes" . Finally after several bad fortunes the swami was given the boot.

Another skit was done to the rap song "Little Miss Riding Hood"  Daniel Grayvold sang the song and played the part of the wolf. It was a really good performance. Those who regularly attend the musical productions at ETC know that they can expect a first class performance from the very talented Daniel Grayvold.

Ava Moilanen  singing "Our Song"
Daniel Grayvold  playing a piano solo "Dogs Walking"
Brooke Perttu  singing "Working for the Weekend"
Below - Makenzie & Cameron Polkky do a dance routine to the song  "Four Minutes"
The Dance routines were performed by three 4-H dance groups: 4-H Big Stars/little Dancers Group 1 starring Zoey McGeshick, Rebekah Driesenga, Mariah Moilanen
4-H Big Stars/little Dancers Group 2:  was made up of Emily Driesenga, Latoya Kugler, Kaylee Voigt, Alicia Spolarich, and Breann Kugler
4ĚH Big Stars/little Dancers Group 3: starred Erin Pletzke, Kaitlyn Brady, Brooke Perttu. Lexie Voigt, Summer Kalinovik, Ava Moilanen, & Desiree Tuomi
Below: Rebecca Hemming & Kimberly Keyser  sing "I'd Lie"
above - Christian Besonen singing  "All I Want to Do"

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