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Hurley Students Plant Flowers
For Memorial Day

Montreal - May 25, 2009

Each year just before Memorial Day, the fourth grade students from the Hurley school plant flowers at the Veterans Memorial in Montreal. This year the students were once again guided in the project by members of the Range Master Gardeners. The project includes four separate plantings, at the war memorial , the monument to the Miners and Loggers who established the area. Flowers were also planted around the two Historical District Signs.

The fourth graders are becoming experienced at the garden projects. Last year as third graders these students planted flowers in the planters along Silver Street. As usual, the kids did a great job and also had a great time completing the project.

Following the planting project the teachers took the students on field trip to Gurney and Saxon.

above - students depart from bus with their teachers, Teresa and Mrs.  Koplin
above - Master Gardener Lynn Adams explains the best way to remove the flowers from the plastic cells. These students are seasoned veteran planters. Last year as third graders they planted the Silver Street Flower Barrels.
above - boys plan out what they would like their memorial garden to look  like. They wanted to design a flag but there wasn't enough white flowers. The boys decided to do a white star surrounded by blue and red flowers.
above - Dante, Luke, Alex and Jordan begin their planting
Above - project moves along quite well.
above - having finished with their project,   Jordan and Alex offer to help the girls at the Miners and Loggers Memorial.
above -Allie, Dale, Aricka and Alexis begin work on the planting at the Miners and Loggers Memorial. This is the largest project of the day.
above - Lynn gives the students a helping hand.
above - Allie starts the watering in of the new flowers.
Pat, a Master Gardener gets the boys started in planting around the Historic District Sign.
the project's almost done. Now the flowers must be watered in.
above - Paul helps out filling watering cans..
The jobs complete when the plants are watered in.
above - Jarad, Tanner, Chris,  Troy and Devin admire the great job that they had done.
Jewel a Master Gardener, gets the girls started planting Marigolds around the Eastern Historic District Sign.
above - Magan, Alyssa, Ally, and  Melissa, near completion of their project.
after some R&R the students climb back aboard their bus. The students will be spending the rest of the day on a field trip to Gurney and Saxon.  is a Michigan, Non-Profit Media Corporation


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