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Norrie Students Take to the Outdoors!

Norrie School Field Day Slideshow
Norrie School students went to Norrie Park for the annual fourth grade field day.

Norrie - June 2, 2009

Sixty five students went to Norrie Park Friday for a day of fun and games. Each year prior to school letting out for the summer the Norrie fourth graders go to the park to plant the flowers that they started from seeds in their classrooms this past March. Up to now the kids have been taking care of the plants at Norrie School.

This year the horticulture project was headed up by Range Master Gardener Gordon Frase. Gordon had help on this very large project from several other Master Gardeners.
Fourth grade teachers, Mrs. Quigley, Mrs. Kangas and Mr. Mott also brought along additional helpers. Volunteer parents and grandparents were also on hand to render assistance. Several older students from Luther L Wright High School came along to give assitance. The students were divided up into several teams or groups and were color coded with bandanas.
There were several plots planted at Norrie including the front entrance, the small buildings, the CCC plot and others. The students started all their own plants from seed and now it was time to transplant the seedlings and give them room to grow. The students planted the flowers and then watered them in well. After watering the kids mulched the gardens with leaves.
pictured above - Kirk, a  L.L.Wright Junior, came to Norrie Park to help out with the 65 fourth graders.
In addition to the Master Gardeners there were representatives from the Gogebic Forestry and Parks who taught the students about estimating a tree's age. The DNR was also on hand for a demonstration. Bruce Kerkove, the schools administrator took students on a nature walk.

One of the events was a fishing game. The students cast line weighted with a plastic weight. The weight was shaped so as to fit into a slot in the plastic fish. After a few snags in the nearby fence things settled in and the serious fishing began. One young boy snagged two fish while this reported was present. This was a challenging game that the kids really enjoyed.

It was a full day of activity and a day to remember.


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