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Bessemer Students Visit Bluffview Park

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Bessemer - June 5, 2009

While the Washington School fifth graders were planting flowers at city Hall Tuesday, Mrs. Maki and Mrs. Mickelson were taking their second grade student to the Bluff Valley Park. The kids were excited as the school year was nearing an end!

Many local students have been enjoying field trips this past week as the school year was ending. In Bessemer the students from the Washington School were no exception. Gail Maki and Diana Mickelson brought their second graders to Bluffview Park where the kids had a great time as all kids do on trip to the park. Tether Ball, merry-go-rounds and Jungle Gyms are still the order of the day, even in this 21st Century hi-tech world. It's interesting to think that we all enjoyed the very same amusements when we were in second grade. It's even more interesting that children can still have a great time when not in front of a video screen of any kind.


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