Out-of-Town Skiers Dominate SISU

Ironwood - January 10, 2010

A long time in the making the Sisuskifest has come and gone. The success of this year's event will surely guarantee return of SISU next year. This yearís inaugural event was a huge success. Four hundred skiers entered the races. They came from a far to participate in their favorite sport. Kelsey Baron, a nineteen year old, from Newport New York competed in the full SISU as did nineteen year old Lincoln Gulley, from Bozemen Montana, and Lanny Brent from Springfield Missouri. There were five cross country skiers who traveled to Ironwood from Thunder Bay. They were not the only Canadians enjoying the great day of skiing.

Fifty seven Michiganders came to the SISU, nineteen of which were from Ironwood. One Hundred and Fifty Seven Skiers came from every corner of Wisconsin to Ironwood to participate in the events.

Overall two and Ninety Skiers participated in the Sisu and the Heikki Lunta marathons. One hundred other skiers participated in the Taste Ní Tour.

The top five finishers in the Sisu were:

1st place - Adam Swank Duluth Mn, 2:0038.9

2nd place - Nikolai Anikin, Duluth Mn 2:05:34.4

3rd place - Benjamin Lannin Traves City MI 2:06:23.6

4th place - Ben Mogren, Winona MN 2:08:55.9

5th place - Ross Dreger, Marathon, WI, 2:14:17.9

Top Ironwood finishers in the Sisu were

19th place overall - Paulette Neimi, Ironwood, 2:20:15.6

25th place Ray Neimi, Ironwood, 2:23:29.5

Other local finishers were:

72nd Will Andresen 2:45:06.6

111th Neal Schroeter 3:06:04.4

114th Paul Kolesar, Bessemer, 3:07:51.4

121th Danny O'Sullivan, 3:10:26.4

126th Jackie Powers, 3:13:48.4

127th Sandra Pera, wakefield, 3:14:01.6


The Top five Finshers in the Heikki Lunta were:

1st place - Santiago Ocaritz, Green Bay 57:22.7

2nd place - Jesse Smith Traverse City Michigan 58:44.6

3rd place - CarolynFreeman, Ely, Minnesota 1:06:58.2 (UWGB)

4th place - Walter Meanwell, Madison, Wisconsin, 1:11:58.0

5th place - Robyn Lauitsen, Green Bay (UWGB) 1:14:09.9

Ironwood Leaders were:

14. Luke Wyzlic ironwood, 1:26:24.6

20. Carolyn Andresen, Ironwood, MI 1:29:04.2

24. Rachel Borth, Ironwood 1:31:20.1

25. Rob Gardner, Ironwood, 1:31:30.3

26. Tony Lupino, Ironwood, 1:31:35.9

51. Tom Herfort, Ironwood, 1:50:12.1

55. Scott Erickson Ironwood, 1:52:41.4

56. Robert Burchell, Ironwood, 1:51:41.6

67. Cindy Palm, Ironwood, 2:01:18.9

97. Sue Spear, Ironwood, 3:05:02.4

98. Eldon Leidich, 3:08:26:.6

99. Ian Shackleford, 3:19:43.6

Other Local Area Finishers were:
90. Sherrie McCabe, Ontonagon, 2:39:17.5

91. Melissa Santini, Onotonagon, 2:39:17.7

92. Tammy Lancioni, Ontonagon, 2:39:18.1


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Complete entry and finish information is available on line at http://www.itiming.com