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Scouting the Big Hill

The Bessemer and Ontonagon Scouts from Boy Scout Troop 337 met at Powderhorn Mountain for their annual Ski Day. They were joined by other members of the Voyager Boy Scout Council, friends and family their day on the slopes.

The unseasonably warm weather created difficult skiing conditions for some of the scouts. On the way to the Fire Hut, one of the scouts was leaving with his father who told use that conditions were poor. He and his son have season passes at the Mountain and they had a full season of skiing.

Later in the day when all the kids showed up for lunch I asked one scout about conditions on the slopes. He told me that conditions were good.  I repeated what I had heard earlier. He said “They just ski well enough!”
The kids allowed about ten minutes in their day to woof down one or two hot dogs and were back to the slopes.

Back at the fire hut, scout leaders, used the quiet time to plan the next exciting adventure of the scouts. There is going to be a kayak trip in the Apostle Islands, where the kids will scout out the waters from Bayfield to the underwater caves.

The scouts from Bessemer and Ontonagon are planning a bicycle trip across the Upper Peninsula later this summer.

Between now and then there will be merit badges to earn and weekly meetings. Then before they know it they will be a summer camp enjoying more of the adventures that go with scouting.