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Michigan Techies Exhibit Art

This past week MTU students had an opportunity to show off their artist talents at the newly opened MTU Gallery.  Known more for their cerebral prowess had an opportunity to display how rounded a Techie can be.

The students of Mary Ann Beckwith and Susanne Kilpela will displayed their artwork that they've produced in Visual & Performing Arts classes.  This year in the annual Student Show, open in the Rozsa Art Gallery. The new gallery is located on the lower lobby level in the Rozsa Center. It is great looking gallery although a bit short on space for the massive amount of student work exhibited this year.

"Lots of great artwork!" says Susanne Kilpela, who teaches ceramics, 3-D design, sculpture and drawing. A wide variety of student work is on view, at least one piece from each student, in a wide variety of media and styles. Michigan Tech offers a minor in visual arts, although not a major, so students from across campus bring many different perspectives and motivations to their work in Kilpela's and Beckwith's classes. "Although many students come to Michigan Tech with art skills, many others discover their abilities through these classes," Kilpela says. "It's great to watch that happen."

Although not Fine Arts Majors as are their counterparts across the Canal, Several Techies displayed great talent.  Our pictorial coverage of this wonderful show will prove our point.
This would be a great exhibit for our friends in Gogebic County to see. The Gallery space is very similar to the space being proposed for a gallery at G.C.C. Like the Tech students, the students at G.C.C. will be taking art as elective courses and not working towards a BFA.


Slide Show

Above is MTU Senior Ben Kusterer. Ben is standing with his two wonderful watercolor paintings. Ben's work was really terrific and will provide him with a great hobby in his engineering days that lay ahead. If he's as good an engineer as he is an artist he has a great future waiting for him.
above - Ben's beautiful watercolor "Daisy Farm"
above - another of Ben's great watercolors "May"

Art of Mike Somer

Another teriffic art Techie is Mike Somers. Mike like Ben  is a graduating senior. Mike's Lamps were a big splash at the show.
"New Life" Lamp made from found objects by Mike Somers
"Will it Blend?" lamp made with found objects by Mike Somers
Lamp "The Unfinished Job", made from found materials by Mike Somers
Untitled Lamp, by Mike Somers

Tech Artist Rick Peterson

Tech Student Rick Peterson had several works of art being exhibited at the show.  Rick exhibited in several mediums, watercolor, oil and pencil, all were great and the Hendrix oil was amazing.
above - Rick Peterson's "Steel Blue Bird" watercolor
above- another great oil by Rick Peterson "Hendrix"
watercolor "Corner Pocket" by Rick Peterson
above - Rick Peterson's colored pencil drawing "Triumphant Triathlete"
Sascha Hirgel above a terrific Colored Pencil Drawing
above a colored pencil drawing "Game Face" by Joey Berwyn
above - acrylic by Carol Kurz
above - Water color by  Yunhua Li - "Holy and Pure"
Phylis Wasa Limanen - water color - "Celebrate"
Pencil - "Yellow Rose of Georgia" by Claire Drom
"Calculus I" acrylic on canvas by K. Carlton Johnson
"Calculus #2" acrylic on canvas by K. Carlton Johnson
above - "Days of Contrast" water color by Kim Dobrez
Pencil Drawing "Parshall Rocks" by Jessica Widhammer
above -  water color "Every Sunday Morning" replica by Lea Peterson
above - water color "Barn in Winter" by Paula Theiler
Pencil Drawing "Jill" by Lea Peterson
above - water color "Joyful Reflection" by Phyllis Wesa Limanen
Pen & Ink "Free" by Caitlyn Botamer
Lucus vander Laan pencil drawing "What is ideal?"
Clay "Faces" by Ian Bonner
above - zig pen and watercolor "Shhhhh...." by Lena Wilson
Mathew Radue Untitled Watercolor
"Grandpa" pencil drawing by Tom Raisanen
"The Dark left Fleck" pencil drawing by Jessica Widhammer
Kate Pote - watercolor "Barn Owl"
"Feeling Right" watercolor by Lena Wilson
Pencil Drawing "Running Girl" by Zhe Yang
watercolor "Junk Yard" by Yunhua Li
watercolor "peacock" by Kelsey Lynn Cox
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