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E-T-C Evening of Art & Music

Ewen - This is the third year that we have attended the Panther's night of Art and Music. Each time we go away thinking how big so small a school district can be. While there are just over 250 students at E.T.C. the teachers and students produce as if the school district were twice that size. E-T-C's Evening of Arts and Music is a great experience for all, the students, teachers and the entire Ewen-Trout Creek community.

Each year the student's of Art Teacher Mrs. Gina cgXXXhX  display their year's art work. While much of the work is in the Art Room and the hall immediately outside the art room, most of the school building walls and ceilings also showcase the student's work.

Mrs. Lindberg does a great job teaches her students in many different art mediums, Paintings, Illustrations Ceramics and Paper Mache' . One of the things that I find amazing is art work from the fourth and fifth grades. Here too you will find the students learning to use all mediums to develop their talents. One featured item that I enjoyed was the story books by the fourth graders. The books included both a story and illustrations, a project that develops two skills art and composition. They were really great!


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As the name says Evening of Art & Music, the evening provided as much fun and enjoyment of music as it did of art. Brad Bessonen is the school's Music Director. He does an outstanding job with his young musicians. 

The Ewen Trout Creek School District has approximately 255 students. After attending an Evening of the Arts you might think that all 255 play in band or sing in the choir.  The school does have a very large student participation in the music program. Brad Beeenon  does a great job cultivating the young students who really stick with the program after 5th grade. In most cases those students not continuing on with band do so because of scheduling conflicts. The youngsters really enjoy playing for Bessonen and it is very appearent.

This year the spring Music Concert consisted of performances by the fifth grade band, 6th and 7th grade band, the J8th through 12th Grade Band Band. The evening of Art and Music concluded with a performance of the 8th - 12th Grade Choir.


Pictured above the E.T.C. Fifth Grade Band.

The band performed: La Cucaracha, Theme from the 1812 Overture, and Flaming Arrow

Brad told the audience that this was the hardest working fifth grade band ever, and that they had an amazing work ethic. They were the first band to complete their Elementary Methods Book.

Pictured above is the E.T.C. 6th and 7th Grade Band

The Band played: Silver Scepter Ancient Voices and The Raiders March

above Music Director Brad Besonen, introduces Emily mayer, Ass't Director. Emily has been working at Ewen-Trout Creek as a Student Teacher.
above - the Eighth through Twelfth  Grade Band.

The band performed: the National Emblem March, Three Ayres From Gloucester,  As Summer Was Just Beginning, and the The River of Life

Pictured above and below is the E.T.C. Eighth through Twelfth Grade Choir

The Choir sang: Stand By Me, Danny Boy, Seasons of Love, On The Other Side, and Don't Stop Belivin'




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