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BESSEMER - Spectators who came to view the penultimate event in Bessemer's Fourth of July Blast 2010, were treated to a great deal of great music. Music which was provided by four wonderful local bands and one visiting fife and drum corps from Janesville, Wisconsin.

I love a Parade - is a song  writtten by Harold Arlen.  The lyrics in part say
"I love a parade, the tramping of feet,
I love every beat I hear of a drum.
I love a parade, when I hear a band
I just want to stand and cheer as they come"

Just about everyone feels that way. In Bessemer's Fourth of July Parade the spectators spent most of their cheering for the bands in the parade.

In Western Gogebic we are lucky enough to have some great musicians and  great bands. Both Bessemer and Ironwood High Schools have absolutely terrific school bands. Most likely due to the fact that these two high schools have "absolutely terrific" Music Directors. It's hard to image having any better than Mary Jo Mykkanen and Steve Boyd. They have trained many fine young musicians who entertain us all year after year. While the area school populations may have diminished the quality of our music programs have not diminish at all. Thanks to Mary Jo and Steve.

All the local bands in the Bessemer parade have done double and triple duty this weekend. The Gogebic Range Concert Band played at the Wakefield picnic Saturday evening and then again in the Bessemer parade. Bessemer H.S and Ironwood H.S. Bands along with Marty's Goldenaires all marched and played in the Wakefield parade just a few hours prior to the Bessemer Parade.

Spectators at the parade were also treated to a fine performance by the Janesville Fife and Drums (pictured above), that came all the way from Janesville Wisconsin. The Janesville Fife & Drums are a real crowd favorite.

So those of us who want to  love every beat of a drum and cheer as they come had plenty of opportunity to do so this weekend 


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