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55th Annual Fine Art Show

BESSEMER - The Gogebic Range Art Association provided area art enthusiasts with another wonderful art show. The 55th Annual show was a part of the Bessemer Blast for the second year in a row.

Twenty-six local artists exhibited their work at the Bessemer Area Heritage Center located on Sophie Street. The Show was opened to the public from July 2nd through July 4th. The Fine Art Show has been a great and welcomed addition to the Bessemer Blast.

Pictured above is an amazing Pen & Ink titled "The White Rose Ripple Effect", by Mercer Artist Josh Waszak.

An Artist Reception was held on Friday, July 2nd. Exhibiting artist were present to meet the exhibit attendees. Pictured above Ironwood artist Arlene Schneller, stands in front of one of several of her award winning entries. The piece above is a mixed media work that won an "Award of Excellence". Arlene stated that this was her favorite entry.


Slide Show

Participating Artists:
Gail Kniska (Kimball, WI)----acrylics
Pat Diluna (Hurley, WI)----multi media
Phyllis Leinonen (Hurley, WI)----watercolor, woodcarving
Carol Linn (Iron Belt, WI)----oils
Suzanne Vittone (Kimball, WI)----multi media, woodcarving
Abbi Vittone (Kimball, WI)----mixed media
Nancy Richardson (Montreal; WI ---acrylics
Jane Wertanen (Wakefield, MI)----acrylics, oils
Josh Waszak (Mercer, WI)----pen and ink
Betsy Wesselhoft (Ironwood, MI)- photography
Janelle Edwards (Ironwood, MI) ---mixed media
Minnie Malaga (Hurley, WI)----acrylics
Tina Martinsek (Montreal, WI)---pencil
Jane Schmaltz (Manitowish Waters, WI)--multi media
Sandra Stella (Hurley, WI)--,--acrylics, photography
Heather Pelkola (Hurley, WI)----acrylcs
Saga Erickson (Hurley, WI)----acrylics, pastels
Irene Haller (Bessemer, MI)---acrylics
Susan Aschenbrenner (Wakefield, MI)----oils, pencil
Julie Wood (Hazelhurst, WI)----photography
KayIa Wood (Hazelhurst, WI)---photography
Cyril Sorrels (Gurney, WI)---photography
Ken Drawz (Mercer, WI)----acrylics
Amy Gieschen-Thill (Wakefield, MI)----multi media
Jamie Woodward (Ironwood, MI)----acrylics
Arlene Schneller (Ironwood, Ml) multi media
This year's judge is Beth Stebbins, a magazine illustrator, book illustrator, art teacher and tutor. Stebbins was awarded the obsidian cross, the highest honor of the Chris McCandless Education Foundation for portrait painting. Her media includes: pen and ink, Japanese colors, watercolor, pastel, pencil, textile art, embroidery, Sculpey sculpture, and oils.
In addition to the twenty-six talented artist exhibiting at the show, there was a special exhibit of work by featured wildlife artist Dan Perotti. Dan has been a teacher and mentor to many of the artists in the show. Perotti's exhibit included a sculpture of a Bass and a painting of an Eagle that he painted on a feather.
above "Wolves" by Dan Perotti, featured Artist

Photo Gallery

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The Gogebic Range Art Association is a non-profit art group founded in 1954 with members from Bessemer, Ironwood, Wakefield, Kimball, Montreal, Hurley and other area communities. With goals to encourage one another in artist pursuits, support the arts and participate in opportunities within the community, membership is open. to anyone 18 and older with an annual. membership fee.
Officers and Dirctors of the Gogebic Range Art Association
Gail Kniska-president, Pat Diluna-Vice president and secretary, Mark Elsemore-treasurer
Suzanne Vittone, Kathy Rooni, Helmi Anderson, Phyllis Leinonen---Board of Directors

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