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Sandin Exhibit Opens at Ironwood Theatre

IRONWOOD - A new and wonderful Art Exhibit opened Monday night in downtown Ironwood.  The fantastic watercolor paintings of local artist Peg Sandin premiered last evening at the Ironwood’s Historic Theatre.

The exhibit “Inspired by the Lake” features thirty amazing watercolor paintings that were inspired by Lake Superior and its shoreline.


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Below- Artist Peg Sandin arrived early to put the finishing touches on the exhibit. Several Theatre volunteers also arrived early to give Peg a helping hand. The result  was worth the effort.
The exhibit opened in conjunction with the opening of Festival Ironwood, however Inspired by the Lake is not only an exhibit of great art, it is an entire program of events created through the collaboration of Peg Sandin and Theatre Director Phil Kucera. Pictured above Phil and his wife, Judy arrive for the premier. Phil is doing a great job in directing the theatre's operation. Many needed improvements to the Theatre have been made by Phil and his many volunteers.

This is a large show that consists of  thirty watercolor creations, and it is exhibited on both floors of the Theatre. On the second floor, in addition to the many works of art, there was entertainment and a really great spread of food prepared by Jeanne Walston. Jeanne and husband Ben celebrated thirty-four years of doing business in downtown Ironwood. The food at last night’s reception was very, very good.
Pictured above, artist Sandin discusses her painting "Lake Superior Rock Collection" with Judge Massie and his wife Janice Massie.
Saturday evening at 6:00pm. There will be a public reception and exhibit celebration. A special evening is planned for area residents, that will begin with a traditional Anishinabe Water and Pipe Ceremony, that honors the Lake and its importance with Native American People. If you are able to attend this exciting event, bring along a vessel of water to contribute to the gathering of waters.

In addition to meeting the artist, and that alone would make the evening worthwhile, there will also be entertainment, food and refreshments.

As our readers know, IronwoodInfo has reported on over thirty wonderful art shows over the last three years. Unfortunately, most of those exhibits were in the Houghton/Hancock - Calumet Cultural Triangle. It was a truly great experience to be able to attend an exhibit of this quality in my home town! Hopefully, Phil Kucera, will be able to bring more of these wonderful experiences to Ironwood.

above - artist Amanda Szot and Foenix attend opening evening of Santin Exhibit

Phil told us that it was always the intentions of the Theatre creators, that our beautiful Theatre be the home and centerpiece for culture in Ironwood.  Thanks to Phil and all his dedicated and hard working volunteers, it appears that that goal will now be achieved.

The Sandin's exhibit “Inspired by the Lake” will be open to the public through August 7th and is open Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM.   The Exhibit moves on to Calumet in September where it will open at the Vertin Gallery, one of three Art Galleries in that small community.

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