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Festival's Fantastic Finish

IRONWOOD - Festival Ironwood Finished on a high note Saturday evening. A 50’s- 60’s dance organized by the Klassic Krusiers featured classic rock singer Robby Vee and his Rock and Roll Caravan.  Vee and his group are from the Minneapolis area.

Robby Vee is the son of 60’s rock star Bobby Vee. While Robby sings a few of Dad’s famous hits, he also does a number of Buddy Holley hits. Robby has the voice and the sound that makes listening to his music a most enjoyable experience. Vee and his group are excellent musicians, their music is a good as Vee’s vocals and they are really, really good.

This dance was the grand finale of this year’s Festival Ironwood, and a great finale it was indeed. Just six months ago it was not certain that there would be a festival at all this year.

The previous organizer, Robert Berquist and his family members had organized and produced the festival for many years and decided it was time to step aside.  It became apparent this year just how amazing Berquist’s accomplishments were. This year it took 12 to 14 organizations along with many other individual volunteers to put on Festival Ironwood.

Keith Johnson was one of many of the hard working volunteers involved with this year’s event. He was always busy working around the festival, day and night. Doing whatever was necessary to keep the event moving along. Keith was not alone, the Kruisers, Hope Animal Rescue and many other volunteers were also visible day and night throughout the four days, as were many other groups and individual.

We asked Keith for his thoughts on how he thought the festival did in this shakedown year. He told me that he thought it went very well. That there were a few things that needed tweaking and that in a week or so, he and the other organizers would get together and critique the event.

Keith told us that the vendors at this year’s festival were pleased with the event.

There seemed to be a lot of vendors at this year’s festival as compared to years past.

I also learned that the organizers have been working to get America’s Favorite Classic Rock Band to perform at the 2011 Festival.


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