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Thyme Peace Performs At Massie Finale

BESSEMER - The final Summer Concert at Massie Field took place Saturday evening, and Entertaining the crowd at the Massie Band Shell was Thyme Peace, the Classic Rock Group that has recently reformed and regrouped.  Four of the original group members remain; Dorrene O’ Donnell, Jan Stahl, Mike Armata and Bob Michaels. New to this terrific vocal and instrumental group are: Kathy Skolasinski, Brent Ridgley and Nick Wullf. Saturday night was the first public performance for the new Thyme Peace group.
Thyme Peace, what a great name, just as thyme satisfies our sense of smell and our sense of taste, Thyme Peace satisfies our sense of hearing. Thyme Peace is time capsule of our favorite songs. In addition to being a wonderful musical group, they have wisely chosen to perform a very wide selection of memorable songs. The variety of their classics was a real crowd pleaser. 

It’s not often that we hear a group open with a couple of Jackson Browne songs and then spend the next two hours performing,  Steely Dan, Beatles, Everly Brothers, Three Dog Night, Neil Young and a litany of other artist until the last song of the evening, “Seven Bridges Road” a song recorded by The Eagles after that famous group reinvented itself just as Thyme Peace has done.

We’re looking forward to enjoying more from the wonderful group! 


*For our readers who may think “When Will I Be Loved” originated with Linda Ronstadt, it was recorded 20 years earlier by the Everly Brothers.


Prior to the Thyme Peace performance Comic Matt Agee entertained the audiance.


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