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Marty's Goldenaires Annual Picnic

BESSEMER -  Marty's Goldenaires hosted its Annual Fundraising Picnic Sunday. The picnic was held in Bessemer's Bluff Valley Park. The members of Marty's Goldenaires cooked and served food, manned gaming booths and everything else that was necessary to make the event the very large success that it was. This year the U.P.'s best Drum & Bugle Corps is celebrating its 60th Anniversary. As the banner reads wherever we go, there shall the music be.

This year the Corps is on its way to the Milwaukee to entertain at the American Legion National Convention. Money for the trip will come from this year's Picnic Fundraiser as well as donations.


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There was entertainment all day long. Earlier in the day you could dance to Favaro's polkas and other accordion solos. Later there was music by LP3, a really great group. (pictured above)

The three P's stand for  Dustin Pitrone, Kellie Pitrone and Dan Petrone. The L stands for Tom Leaf.



There was of course the park, where the kids could run around and enjoy the rides, monkey bars and the like. People walked the trails or sat and enjoyed the company of friends and family members. The hillside scenery made the perfect backdrop for this perfect event.

In the evening the Goldenaire's fans were treated to a concert. Marty's Goldenaires gave the crowd the show that they waited for all day long. As usual, the Drum and Bugle Corps was perfect.





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