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Kimball Park Site of Annual Picnic

KIMBALL - The residents of Kimball held their annual town picnic this past Sunday. They along with family and friends gathered in Kimball's beautiful town park.

The park is bounded by the West Branch of the Montreal River. Crossing over the river via the small bridge, you immediately become aware of the park's special beauty. The park was created on land donated by John and Mary Sola. The Solas donated the land to the town in 1955, so that the public could enjoy the beautiful Kimball Falls. The park would host events such as weddings, meetings and as it would this day, picnics.



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The park was created under the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program. The Wisconsin Legislature created this innovative program in 1989 to preserve valuable natural areas and wildlife habitat, protect water quality and fisheries, and expand opportunities for outdoor recreation. The stewardship program was named for two of Wisconsin's most revered conservation leaders, Governor Warren Knowles and Senator Gaylord Nelson, the program has been an outstanding success. The goals of the program are:

* Preserve Wisconsin's most significant land and water resources for future generations.
* Provide the land base and recreational facilities needed for quality outdoor experiences.

These goals are achieved by acquiring land and easements for conservation and recreation purposes, developing and improving recreational facilities, and restoring wildlife habitat.

The program is funded with general obligation bonds. The state sells bonds to investors now, then pays back the debt over the next 20 years. This spreads the cost over time so it is shared with future users of public lands. Foundations, businesses, and private citizens also contribute to Stewardship projects, and landowners may donate land and easements too. This leveraging of private resources with public funds is an important ingredient in the Stewardship success story.

The success of the Knowles - Nelson Stewardship Program is wide spread throughout Wisconsin. The Kimball Town Park stands as testimony of the program's achievements here in the "Northwoods"
Performing Sunday was Dorothy and the Boys augmented by two. Dorothy Walesewicz, whose parents originally owned the property and donated it to Kimball. Don't let the name fool you, Dorothy is a real Paisano. Earlier this year Dorothy along with other local Italian-Americans  organized and hosted the Paisano Picnic also held in Kimball Town Park. The purpose of the Paisano Picnic is to promote friendship and give out information on upcoming events. The Paisano Picnic is coming up next weekend!






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