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Dee Stadium Hosts  Student Event with International flare

HOUGHTON - Saturday, the 21st annual Parade of Nations. Took place in Hancok-Houghton.

Students and staff from Finlandia U. and M.T.U, representing more than 80 nations and cultural organizations took part in the event.

The parade culminated at Dee Stadium, home to the Gremlin Hockey Team.
There the great celebration continued with cultural food and entertainment.

The Cass Tech Marching Band performed in the parade and at the Dee Stadium festival. Later in the day this terrific marching band from Detroit would also perform during half-time at the Michigan Tech football game.
Other entertainment included Karl L. Brown who sang the National Anthem, and performances by the Copper Country Loggers, the Indian Student Association (pictured below), Xi Lin from the Chinese Student Association, the Batucobre Drum Group, Nicole Kirch (1700's Violin Music), Thai Student Group (Thai Boxing Demonstration) Superior School of Dance (pictured above) and the Black Student Association.


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The perimeter of the entire arena was filled with booths where international cuisine could be purchased. The food was great, and this certainly wasn’t the place for anyone on a serious diet. As for myself, I said the heck with the diet and enjoyed portions of food from Puerto Rico, and Malaysia. I topped it all off with desert from Finland.

The event takes place in Dee Stadium, the birthplace of Professional Hockey.
Dee Stadium sits on the site of the original 1902 Amphidrome. The original building existed from 1902 until 1927. The first hockey game was played in the Amphidrome on December 29th, 1902 .

The first hockey game was played in the arena on December 29th, 1902. It was in that building that the first professional hockey game was played. Professional hockey was played in the Amphidrome until 1907. The arena served as home ice to the Portage Lakes, a team in the International Hockey League.

The building also served as the venue for the annual Agricultural Society’s annual Copper Country Fair, as well as many other events.
The arena was built and owned by the Houghton Warehouse Company that was headed by James R. Dee.

It was Dee that helped organize the International Hockey League and led the efforts to rebuild the Amphidrome after its destruction when it was destroyed by fire. The current building was renamed Dee Stadium in 1943.

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