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Goldenaires Heat Up Lambeau

LAMBEAU FIELD - Marty’s Goldenaires warmed things up during a half-time performance Sunday afternoon.

While America’s best football fans waited for America’s favorite football team to return to the field, the Goldenaire’s presented another knock ‘em dead performance.
Two minutes before half-time the Goldenaire Drum and Bugle Corp. took their positions along the visitor’s side of the field.


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Following a regional Punt Pass and Kick Competition that resulted in a young aspiring football player winning $5,000, the Goldenaires readied for their long anticipated performance.
The Corps marched on to the field at the fifty yard line playing “God Bless America”. As usual they were great. The nippy weather at Lambeau failed to affect their playing and by the time the musicians finished their first song they had endeared themselves to the Packer faithful.

Limited to a six minute performance the group played abbreviated versions of songs that were in keeping with the Packer’s “Throw Back Day” theme. Their performance included “In the Mood” , “Dancing in the streets”, “Wipeout” and “Beer Barrel Polka.”
The performance went great and the fans loved it. The Goldenaires received a fantastic ovation from the crowd.

Following their appearance on the field, the Corps moved inside to an area reserved for them to have a lunch that was provided by the great Green Bay Packer organization.
During the lunch break I spoke to Rich Brown, and Dan Pitrone. Rich said “The guys did an outstanding job and they sounded fantastic. They were pumped up, they will never forget it, I know I won’t.”

Dan Pitrone, music director said “The Corps was just fantastic. They rallied when they had to. It wasn’t easy. It was cold and they had to play a little harder and they did a fine job.”
Following lunch, the group toured the stadium, stopping frequently to entertain the fans. The onlookers really enjoyed the music and undoubtedly went home Goldenaire fans.
The trip to Lambeau came about due to the efforts of Bob McDermott, a former member of the Goldenaires. McDermott and his wife Chris live in Green Bay. Chris’ father, Sars Fiori was an original member of the Goldenaires.
Mc Dermott is familiar with people in the Packer organization has had been plugging the Corps. for some time. He ultimately sent DVD’s to Kandi Goltz, the Packer’s Game and Fan Development Manager.

In preparing for this adventure, Kandi told me that “They are very excited to perform and I think our fans will enjoy the show! They have a very energetic show planned and I believe it will be a lot of fun.”

It was indeed all of the above.

Following the lunch break, the Goldenaire’s marched through the stadium, stopping several times to play and entertain the Packer Fans. Again and again fans gathered to hear the group perform.

It was great day for the Pack and their fans as they defeated the 49ers 34-16. It was a great day for the Goldenaires who made 75,000 new fans. It was a great day for the IronwoodInfo reporting team that once again was able to cover the great Goldenaires, and it was nice to go south to Green Bay to warm up a bit.



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