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In Our Opinion! An IronwoodInfo Editorial

IRONWOOD - While Ironwood homes and garages turn red from road dust Councilman Lamb continues to complain about dust of the ATV trails. Lamb an elected caretaker of the City obviously has either no idea about the dusty roads or she just doesn’t give a damn about them.
While Ironwood’s Safety Department operates with limited manpower due to her lack of budgetary prowess, Lamb continues to focus on increased law enforcement on the ATV trails.

Lamb can find money in the City’s budget for the whims of her friends and for her own folly, but she cannot find the money to keep all of the City’s taxpayers safe, especially the littlest ones. As can be seen in the photo above the access panel to the city light post remains open and a hazard to little kids.

The hazard has been this way for over a year. Obviously if it were a Granola Bar Tree, Aunt Gemmema would have it taken care of immediately, if not sooner.

While Lamb sits quiet as the care of Riverside Cemetery deteriorates, she is quick to rob its residents of the Perpetual Care Funds.

Several months ago when the City Commissioners established their Goals for the city, Lamb suggested abandoning care of some city streets, and yet she’s the first to suggest that the taxpayers should ante up a million bucks (plus another million in interest) for her beloved library.

The City Commission has spent practically its entire time chasing granola bar trails while neglecting everything else that is urgent within the city's borders.

To date the City Commission has failed to accomplish any of its goals.

Now, Lamb, Burchell and Semo want to extend their terms in office, voters be damn. HMMMMMMM!

No wonder the trio is losing support across the city including those people normally supportive of their boondoggles.