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Team Nordic Members Earn Awards
Thirteen local children represented Team Gogebic Nordic Ski Club at the annual Iron Nordic Loon Invite Tuesday, January 4th, at the MECCA Ski Trails in Mercer, WI. The team brought home three individual awards. Britta Schroeder of Ironwood took second place in the girls high school 5.5K freestyle race. Valerie Rowe of Ironwood earned a fifth place ribbon in the 2K middle school girls competition, while Vanessa Nasi of Ironwood received a seventh place ribbon. Additionally, Team Gogebic 's middle school girls placed second as a team.

"This is the largest team we have assembled in Team Gogebic's five years," kids coach Jackie Powers said. "It's exciting to see our little team growing."

Pictured above -Britta Schroeder of Ironwood crosses the finish line in 2nd place, while younger team members look on.

Pictured above - Team Gogebic's middle school race team just before the start of the race.
Girls Middle School Team - 2K freestyle - 2nd place team
7:10, 5th place, Valerie Rowe, age 13, Ironwood
7:42, 7th place, Vanessa Nasi, 11, Ironwood
11:34, 9th place, Lillian Tiziani, 11, Ironwood
11:38, 10th place, Eleanor Tiziani, 10, Ironwood
12;12, 11th place, Ashleigh Nuce, 12, Ironwood

Boys Middle School Team 2K freestyle - 3rd place team
7:05, 14th place, Kiah Hollenbeck, 9, Bessemer
9:12, 15th place, Tim Rowe, 11, Ironwood
9:13, 16th place, Blaze Hollenbeck, 8, Ironwood
11:45, 17th place, Tad Rowe, 9, Ironwood
12:02, 18th place, Reiley Hollenbeck, 7, Bessemer

Pictured above - Britta Schroeder, Ironwood, 2nd place medal; Valerie Rowe, Ironwood, 5th place ribbon; Vanessa Nasi, Ironwood, 7th place ribbon.
Girls High School Team - 5K freestyle - 3rd place team
15:38, 2nd place, Britta Schroeder, 16, Ironwood
25:50, 18th place, Caitlin Nuce, 16, Ironwood
28:01, 20th place, Maria Fairfield, 17, Ironwood