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Hurley Homecoming - Energized and Winterized!

HURLEY – January 31, 2011

Always an innovator, the Hurley School District has reinvented Winter Homecoming. Friday was Winter Home Coming at Hurley. The Midgets would host their Basketball rivals from Mercer at 6:00pm. But there would be a day of activities prior to the game.

This year, the Midgets took many of the day’s events outdoors as well as those indoor activities that we are accustomed to seeing at Homecoming.

The morning began with snow football. Both boys and girls participated in knee deep snow for football games out on the field. The contests were between the classes and we will neither embarrass the Senior boys by exposing the score of their encounter with the Freshman boys, nor the score of the Junior and Senior Girls game.After all there were no trophies or league standings at stake, just a great deal of fun.

Following the football matchups was a Snowshoe Race, also held on the football field. There were as many participants as there were snowshoes available.

The students really enjoyed the football and snowshoeing and had plenty of energy left over for some boot hockey games that were held in the parking lot. Naturally this being Hockey Land, there were not only a lot of participants but many spectators as well. Some students sat in pickup trucks to watch the fun on the field.

With the tailgate viewing stands the only thing missing was the Brats and the Pepsi. However, the culinary creations were being prepared indoors in another competition between the High School Classes.

Each class was preparing a meal for the “Cook-Off” contest, that included an Entrée and a Dessert.

The contest was judged by the Hurley faculty.

The Seniors placed first overall for their entrée Blue Cheese stuffed Chicken Breast with Twice Baked Potato. Their 1st place dessert was Bananas Foster.

The Juniors placed second in both the Entrée’ and Dessert categories, having prepared Baked Parmesan Chicken with a tomato topping, with roasted veggies. Their dessert was Creampuff in a Pan.

Placing third in the cook off were the Freshmen, who prepared a meal consisting of Pork Chops with Stuffing, Alfredo Noodles, Banana Cream Pie.

The Sophomore students placed fourth. Their entrée was Cheese Veggie Soup and Sandwiches. Their dessert, Boston Cream Cakes also placed fourth.

The afternoon began with a Quiz Bowl in the auditorium; it too was a competition between the four classes. It was a very interesting variation on the normal format, where the teams were each given a life-line and ask for help from the audience. The match was directed by Robert Genisot, Hurley’s Quiz Bowl Coach.

The remainder of the afternoon consisted of a Pep Rally and culminated with the crowning of the Home Coming King and Queen.

With plenty of energy to spare the students filled the gymnasium for the Pep Rally. The upperclassmen were reinforced by the little Midgets, who were as always energized and ready to go. While Homecoming largely a High School rite of passage, it would be hard to imagine the Pep Rally without the midget Midgets.

The afternoon events included basketball challenges, cheerleading, air band, tug of war and some very funny entertainment.




After a long and exciting day the moment came to crown the Homecoming King and Queen.

The Winter Court consisted of Ty Patritto, Zach Livingston, Bobby Massoglia, Justin Rhenlund, Jake Rowe, Jesse Vokolek, Carli Anderson, Courtney Anderson, Alina Krone, Laura Maslanka, Jassalyn Barker and Jeanna Aijala.

The runner up for King was Ty Patritto and the runner up for Queen was Carli Anderson.


Selected by their Classmates for 2011 Winter King and Queen were Jessie Vokolek and Jeanna Aijala.

The events of the day were organized by Natalie Patritto and Kim Kurta, however there were a great many faculty and student volunteers that made the day one to remember.

The evening ended with a big win by the Hurley Midgets over Mercer, 72-21. The Midgets are now 10 and 0 in the Indianhead Conference and 11 and 1 overall.


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