Iron  and Ashland Counties To Sell Native Plants
Proceeds to Provide Scholarships

The Iron and Ashland Counties Land Conservation Department has begun its 2009 Native Plant Sale.  The proceeds of this year's sale will help to support the following:
  • Scholarships for students to attend Regional Conservation Camps
  • Teacher Scholarships to attend Trees for Tomorrow Education Workshops
  • $1000 college scholarship for students pursuing a degree in Natural Resources

Purchasing native plants does several things to improve your gardening,  including less maintenance provided that they are planted in conditions that match their cultural requirements.  Native plants have evolved in their surroundings and tend to be more hardy. Planting native plants instead of cultivars helps keep out invasive, non-native plants often sold at our nurseries.

On a much larger scale, using native plants, helps preserve the natural heritage of our area.  Once a species becomes extinct, it can no longer provide genes which would continue to contribute  the genetic diversity necessary to creating new species adapted to survival  in our area.

Landscaping with Native Plants by Lynn M. Steiner is available at the Ironwood Carnegie Library. Call to see if this must read book is on the shelves. 932-

The Order Deadline is February 27, 2009

So Don't Dilly Dally!


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Land & Water
Conservation Department



Land & Water
Conservation Department

NEW for the 2009 Native Plant Sale:

*Biue vervain     *Woodland strawberry    *Cinnamon fern      *Royal fern

* Plantskydd (An organic, rain resistant spray that is reputable and sold by many Conservation Departments (see description on tree and shrub page).

** All trees and shrubs will be sold in bundles of 25 this year to make this sale more
efficient. We encourage you to place an order with a neighbor or friend.
To continue our commitment of promoting planting native species across northern Wisconsin, the Ashland and Iron County Land Conservation Departments sponsor this annual sale with pick-up locations in Ashland, Bayfield, and Iron Counties. *Please be sure to note the separate pick up dates for Trees and Flow­ers. Be sure to mark your pick up location when you fill out the order form (see page 3)


WELCOME to our 17th annual native plant sale! For those of you new to this program, we hope this brochure will help answer your questions. For those returning to this sale, THANK YOU for your continued support. It is appreciated!

The plants in this brochure are raised from local seed which supports area nurseries and ensures greater survival because they are adapted to our climate. These plants will successfully help you to enhance your yard or minimize maintenance by replacing areas of lawn.

Native trees, shrubs, and groundcovers have excellent conservation values because, once established, they do not require fertilizer and can usually survive with rainwater alone. They provide essential habitat for fish and wildlife and their broad, deep root structure helps reduce soil erosion and encourages water to percolate into the soil. Whether you live on a lake, in a rural area, or in town, consider using native plants to help slow runoff water and take up excess nutrients to help protect water quality!

Add a rain garden to your landscape! Rain gardens create an attractive feature designed to slow and filter water runoff from your roof, sidewalk, or driveway. To plan a rain garden, look for plants on the enclosed list that are suited to "wet sites" and contact our office for a copy of the Rain Garden How-To Manual.

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