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An Evening of Art and Music

Bessemer - May 14, 2009

Tuesday evening family and friends were once again treated to an evening of Arts and Music. The Bessemer Area Schools presented the Annual Band and Choir Concert, directed by Mary Jo Mykkanen, and an Art Exhibit under the guidance of Jennifer Werner.

The evening began with an Art Exhibit which displayed the creativity and skills of many talented art students in the Bessemer School District. 

The evening progressed to the Music portion of the event. Once again Mary Jo Mykkanen, demonstrated her musical talent and that of her students. Mrs. Mykkanen has the ability to choose musical pieces that make her 45 piece band sound as though there were a hundred musicians playing. She also has trained her students to be fine young musicians. Whether it be in a concert or a parade Bessemer residents have much reason to be proud of their school bands.

The evening's entertainment began with the Jr. High School Band
the School Choir followed the Jr.H.S. band and performed several songs for the audience.
The 5th-6th Grade Band took to  the stand next and played several numbers, including a saxophone duet.
The ever popular B.A.S. High School Band took the stage and performed sevral  songs including a rousing finale

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