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A Rockwell Kind of Day

WAKEFIELD - Norman Rockwell a famous artist and illustrator was born in New York City. He became famous for his Saturday Evening Post Cover Illustrations that captured the essence of the American Lifestyle, the heart and soul of our nation. We know that on at least one occassion, he traveled  to Milwaukee. I often wonder what his interpretation of the U.P lifestyle would be had he traveled just a bit further north.

Each year when I go to the Wakefield Fourth of July Picnic, I think of Rockwell’s Americana and I think of John Phillip Souza as well. There is something special about the Wakefield celebration. Something that says “Hey Norman, check us out!”

The Wakefield Picnic is the Fourth of July as it was meant to be, a day of celebration, a day to enjoy friends and family, a day to quietly appreciate our environment.

The picnic has music, all through the day, and a concert honoring our Nation and those who who have protected it through the centuries.

There are families sitting on the vast lawn taking a day off to enjoy each other.  There were children, lots of children. Kids were swimming in Sunday Lake just as their grand-parents and great-grand-parents had done decades before.  Kids playing on playground equipment, exactly the same as those I enjoyed a lifetime ago.  Nothing good goes out of style. That’s not to say that all things new are bad. Found a new lawn game that looks like fun. Ladder Ball is one of the names that it is known as. Great for individuals and/or teams but, be forewarned it’s not that easy.

When speaking with parents at the picnic, you are reminded over and over again of how special our U.P. lifestyle is. Many of the people I met at the picnic had returned home for the holiday, seeking a quiet refuge from busier and more complicated lifestyles that they had left behind.


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