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2010 Chassell Strawberry Festival - page 1

CHASSELL - The community of Chassell is located on Pike Bay, an arm of Portage Lake. The community is predominantly residential.

Most of the area is quite flat and is well suited for agricultural purposes, and remains a productive farming district today. The soils and climate are especially well suited for strawberries, and most of the approximately 650 acres planted in Houghton County are located in Chassell Although there are only a half dozen strawberry farms remaining Chassell is still famous for its strawberries.

On the weekend following the Fourth of July, the small community of Chassell (pop.1822) celebrates strawberries in a big big way. Each year the Chassell Lions Club sponsors the Copper Country Strawberry that takes place at Centennial Park.


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Centenial Park is a spacious 6-acre park that features 900 feet of shoreline. This annual event  attracts thousands of visitors each year. It features a parade, strawberry shortcake, BBQ Chicken, live entertainment, a Queen coronation, and numerous arts and crafts vendors in the Park.

This is the third year that IronwoodInfo has attended the festival and it the third year in a row that the attendees could enjoy the event in perfect weather. Mother Nature surely loves strawberries.
Pictured above - Candidate for County Commission running on a "better Health"  platform  throwing candy to little kids in the street. HMMMMMM!


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