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Music in the Porkies - Day 2

PORCUPINE MOUNTAIN STATE PARK - It was another great day in God's Country. Great weather, great scenery and some of America's best entertainers all came together for the second straight day at Porcupine Mountain State Park, Jewel of Michigan State Park system.

Saturday was a big day in the Porkies. Fast becoming one of our nation’s stand-out music festivals, the Porcupine Mountain Music Festival continued to provide top notch national entertainers performing for the crowds gathering at the park. Also providing great performances were local and state entertainers.
Making their first appearance at this year's festival were: Doris and the Day Dreams, the Ragbirds, That 1 Guy, Lonesome Dan Case, Javier Matos and Hurricane Harold, Charlie Parr, and Po' Girl.
Performers that returned for a second performance that had entertained on Friday were: Seth Bernard and May Erlewine, Frontier Rukus, Jen Sygit returned in a duo performance with Sam Corbin on the Peace Stage. Later in the day Corbin returned in a solo performance so-to-speak entertaining the audience gathered at the Singing Hill Stage.



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  Doris and the Day Dreams
  Returning to the Porkies for the third straight year was Doris and the Day Dreamers. Doris & the Day Dreams is a musical trio from the Chicago area that was originally formed in 2008. This is a restyled group formerly known Buster's Dream. This was actually Doris' sixth year at the Muscial Festival.

Each member of Doris & the Day Dreams has been influenced by their own unique musical influences, and together they offer an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary folk music, blues, jazz, swing and original compositions. The band members include Kathleen Ehrlich, who provides the vocal talent, as well as playing the concertina and various rhythm instruments. Linda Garrett plays acoustic guitar, banjo and sings backup vocals. Brad Fagala plays electric bass and acoustic guitar.



  The Ragbirds
  The Ragbirds have become one of the most popular touring bands in their home state of Michigan, and can also be seen performing all over the Mid-West and beyond, growing a loyal fan base in regions throughout the country.

The Ragbirds have played between 120-150 shows per year for the past few years, and have no intention of slowing down. In 2009 they went abroad to tour Japan and perform on the main stage at the Green Room Festival in Yokohama. The Ragbirds have been featured at some of the Mid-Wests largest music festivals, including Rothbury, 10,000 Lakes, Summercamp, Hookahville, and more.

The musical roots of The Ragbirds sound are complex - with Gypsy, Middle-Eastern, Americana, Rock, and Latin influences, all stirred with a Celtic fiddlers bow. In live performances the band incorporates variations on traditional African drum pieces,



  Seth Bernard and May Erlewine
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  Charlie Parr
  Charlie Parr of Duluth, Minnesota plays original and traditional folk and Piedmont-style blues, accompanying himself on National resonator guitars, 12-string guitar and banjo. Parr was raised in Austin, Minn, in a household that prized traditional American folk music and his style bears the influence of hours spent listening to country blues records and Smithsonian/Folkways field recordings. Charlie has performed publicly since 1988 and he has shared stages and opened concerts for Haley Bonar, The Black-Eyed Snakes, Baby Grant Johnson, Dan Rumsey, Paul Metsa, Dakota Dave Hull, Cam Waters, Bob Brozman, Catfish Keith and Greg Brown.




  Lonesome Dan Kase
  Lonesome Dan Kase – grew up in rural southern Michigan, where listening to the radio he became hooked on the country blues.

Dan was listening to, he acquired a wander-lust and began traveling around the country busking on street corners. After spending time in California and New Mexico, Lonesome Dan ended up in Denver, Colorado where he started playing in coffee houses and drinking establishments.
Dan has put out 4 solo CDs as well as 2 with Crush Collision Trio and one with 32-20 Jug Band. His most recent CD, "So Glad I’m Livin’," was released in early 2009.



  Frontier Rukus
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  Javier Matos & Hurricane Harold
  In August 2009 Javier Matos and Hurricane Harold Tremblay joined forces to present a powerful Delta Country Blues duo. Javier, from California, moved to Minneapolis in 2006 and has been turning heads ever since. "Hurricane" Harold Tremblay is known throughout the Twin Cities as one of the premier harmonica players. He's graced the stage at the Porkies Festival twice before, with Cool Dispositon , a Chicago/West Coast Blues Band and more recently with the Summit Stunt Pilots, an acoustic trio playing Roots/Americana. Together they play in HUD (Javier's Delta band soon to be renamed to reflect its growth).


  Po' Girl
  Po’ Girl - Allison Russell, Awna Teixeira, Benny Sidelinger, and Mikey "Lightning" August, make up the group Po’ Boy. This one knock your socks off group, and one of the real favorites at this year’s festival.

They are distinct voices with incredible harmonies; multiple instrumentalists who bring the perfect sound to each song and songwriters who pen poetic tunes you’ll find yourself humming. Po’ Girl showcases a wide array of instruments-from gutbucket bass, accordion, clarinet, banjo, dobro, guitar, to electric bass, glockenspiel, piano, harmonica, bicycle bells, drums -- and they all frequently trade off instruments with each song.

This is one band hard to put a label on. They’re equally at home in Douala, Cameroon playing the Massao World Music Festival, as they are at the International Jazz Festival in Montreal, the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Woodford Music Festival in Australia or just playing for fun for the people in Vondel Park, Amsterdam.

This is a truly wonderful band and one our reader’s should see and hear the next chance that they get to do so.


  Sam Corbin & Jen Sygit
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  Sam Corbin
  With heart, soul, and determination, Sam Corbin has traveled and performed for the last decade, with no signs of slowing down. Touring across the northeast and within his home state of Michigan, he plays music with hints of Americana, Blues, and Folk. His songwriting is strong and honest drawing inspiration from personal experiences of love, loss, traveling, and Michigan, from its beautiful countryside to it's struggling economy. In the summer of 2009 Sam released his second album "Michigan's Waltz". Although Sam has played in several configurations over the years, he is usually found sharing the stage with Jen Sygit, an incredibly gifted singer/songwriter from Lansing, MI. With rich harmonies and tasteful arrangements, they're a strong combo that is quickly becoming a favorite in the Michigan music scene.

  That 1 Guy
  That 1 Guy—real name Mike Silverman—amazes audiences with performances that are equal parts innovative sonic spectacle and entertaining visual showcase. The classically-trained-jazz-bassist-turned-musical-mad-scientist performs with his Magic Pipe, a homemade instrument concocted out of steel plumbing tube that allows Silverman to deliver a mind-bending amalgamation of percussive rhythm and sound.

With an audiences that range from psychedelic warriors to families and folks of all ages, he has played the Magic Pipe in locales as exotic as Noumea, Istanbul, Scotland and Australia, where That 1 Guy is celebrated as a modern folk hero. At the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival, he was presented with the Tapwater Award for Best Musical Act.

This performer re-defines the term One Man Band. This is an act you must hear to believe. Hopefully our video coverage will give you an idea. It’s hard to describe and simply amazing.




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